On 14/10/16 22:18, Guillem Jover wrote:

>> Here's a packaging cleanup and new upstream release request. (This one
>> I also had packaged initially from scratch as I didn't find it :/.)
>> Attached the working and tested patch. I've also renamed the Vcs
>> fields to makes this less confusing overall, but that will require
>> changes on the alioth side (probably rename + compat symlinks?).
> Hmm, it seems that particular iteration was not working so much. :/
> Attached a fixed version. With additional cleanups.

I merged this partially, and renamed the repo. There are some changes
that I think are not correct:

* We are not using built-using in -dev packages any more. Somebody
explained to me the reason for this, but I forgot :-)
* I think the usage of _build as build directory is not needed.
* The old upstream name was wrong, and I don't think we have set a
standard for this, but I usually use the import path for this.

Also, you forgot to close the bug in the changelog :)

So, before I upload, let's discuss those pending changes.

PS: I also added a couple more cleanups.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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