reopen 840947
found 840947 0.12.0+ds+really0.12.0-2

On Mon, 2016-10-17 at 14:41 +0200, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> On 16/10/16 14:24, Sam Morris wrote:
> > Ugh, I just realised that this was my error, not an error in
> > /etc/default/prometheus-node-exporter as shipped by the package.
> > Sorry
> > for the noise!
> Actually, I usue multi-line assignments in my personal configuration,
> but I am using sysvinit. This must be a systemd bug..

As it turns out, the version of the package in unstable actaully does
ship with a bad multiline variable definition in

(I got confused because I quickly installed the package on another
system, to check whether the problem was one of my own creation, and
did not realise that I had installed the older version that only added
a single argument to the ARGS variable).

The fix is to add trailing backslashes to indicate that lines should be
continued. This is documented in systemd.exec(5):

        Similar to Environment= but reads the environment variables from a text 
file. The text file should contain
        new-line-separated variable assignments. Empty lines, lines without an 
"=" separator, or lines starting with ; or #
        will be ignored, which may be used for commenting. A line ending with a 
backslash will be concatenated with the
        following one, allowing multiline variable definitions. The parser 
strips leading and trailing whitespace from the
        values of assignments, unless you use double quotes (").

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