On 21/10/16 06:53, Potter, Tim (HPE Linux Support) wrote:

>>> Is this a bug in the install dependencies for golang-golang-x-tools?  I
>>> notice that golang-golang-x-tools depends on golang-golang-x-tools-dev
>>> which pulls in all the JS and node packages.
>> Actually, I don't see why the -dev package should depend on any JS
>> stuff. It should only contain the go source files, no?

> OK - good point.  I've made some tweaks to the install dependencies and
> it looks much better now.
> There's still the symlinks to the jquery files in the -dev package which don't
> really belong there, but it's Friday afternoon and I'm too tired to get rid
> of them.

Plus, the jquery packages are not build-dependencies, only run-time

I also found out there is a circular dependency with google-cloud (wtf),
but it is not even used... Those source files only are built when
compiling for appengine. And this circular dep is probably why this
package has not yet entered testing. Fingers crossed, today it will
finally migrate.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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