Hi Vincent,

Sorry if my response reads a bit grumpy but I do not recognize your report as 

On Friday, 28 October 2016 6:00:49 PM AEDT Vincent Danjean wrote:
> There is two problems:
> 1) the cdebootstrap command is failing. I do not know why

It may be a problem in cdebootstrap, or in your APT proxy or in local mirror.
We can't guarantee successful execution of cdebootstrap as gitlab-runner is 
merely a user of cdebootstrap and the latter may fail due to number of 

>   but the current result (can be easily reproduced) is :

Not so easy apparently. I've tested gitlab-runner on x86_32 and x86_64 before 
upload. Works for me.

>   The mk-prebuilt-images.sh script continues but produce a image that does
> not have the required tools (git in particular)
>   => docker is unusable.

Are you sure this is what happens? More likely image fails to build and 
that's why docker executor can't work. You may still have older version of 
gitlab-runner image which new version will not use.

> 2) mk-prebuilt-images.sh does not report this problem and the postinst
>   does not fail (hence the 'important' severity)

This is intentional! And for a good reason. Not everyone use Docker executor, 
you know. Other executors are also useful and they do not require docker.

Not so long ago mk-prebuilt-images.sh used to print log to the console 
instead of saving it and failure to configure package is not as useful as you 
may think...

>   It tooks me lot of time to discover that
>   1) a special docker image is used to clone the repo

Well it took me a while to learn gitlab internals too. Though our learning 
curve does not warrant bug like this.

>   2) this special image is corrupted (the 'E: Internal error: install' can
>     be seen in the log file whose name is displayed during the package
>     configuration).

As I recall those errors may be harmless as cdebootstrap output is not 
particularly pleasant even when everything is fine...

>     But, as the package installs fine, I do not suspect
>     a problem here until I really llok in depth.

So far nobody was able to suggest a better way to build an image. It would be 
great to ship gitlab-runner docker image in separate package but it needs 
root privileges to build (as well as pre-configured build environment with 
Docker) so we can't do that... In theory it may be possible to do with some 
alternative tools... Improvement ideas are welcome...

> https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ci-multi-runner/issues/1669
>   Perhaps, this bug can be duplicated and the first part reassigned
> to cdeboostrap (the second part is really about this package)
> if the cdeboostrap invocation is correct (I do not know cdeboostrap).

I've seen few sporadic errors from cdebootstrap due to outdated mirror.
Most of the time cdebootstrap works for us through apt-cacher-ng over 
httpredir.debian.org as well as directly (without proxy). IMHO you really 
need to try another mirror or file a bug against cdebootstrap if you have a 
reliable reproducer...

Best wishes,
 Dmitry Smirnov.


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