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> Dear Dan,
> Thanks for getting in touch - sorry for not replying sooner. "winrm"
> is the name of a Microsoft Windows command, so users might expect a
> Linux command with the same name to perform a similar function. I'm
> not familiar with what the command in your package does, and it's a
> while since I did the original txwinrm packaging so I'm not sure off
> hand which of our commands is closer to the Windows winrm.
> I'll try to find some time in the next week or so to refresh my memory
> of the details, and consider what an appropriate name for the command
> in my package would be.
> Hope that's soon enough?
> Thanks.
> Christopher

... I've cleared that problem now by renaming the binary in my package.

Please add a Conflicts against winrm_0.0~git20160323.0752679-1.


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