Good day all.

My name is Henti Smith,

I'm new to the world of debian packaging, but hope to get more comfortable
and ask less questions as I go along.
I'm currently trying to assist the team to package minio server
for use within Debian as I depend on it for a project.

I'm following and to
help me along the way, but I also have the ear of a debian developer that
does other packages in the system, so I should only bother you with go
specific questions.

I've not logged a bug for the minio package yet, I'm trying to get the
package building first before I start the formalities.

To my question.

I'm busy adding the Build-Depends in debian/control as required, and one of
the deps is imported as :


but is a package in debian as :


When I try to build minio, it obviously cannot find the correct path. and
fails. Further investigation showed there is no other package that depends
on golang-gopkg-cheggaaa-pb.v1-dev, so I could not see the best way to
handle this.

I considered patching the code to point to the correct location in
/usr/share/gocode/src, but not sure if that is the correct way to do this.

What is the recommended way to fix this ?


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