On 30/12/17 13:06, Chris Lamb wrote:

>> Also, how can it be a DFSG violation?

> It was just an entirely-generic list of possible problems, don't
> worry.

Ah, OK.

>> I really don't see much the point of removing it, or making a very 
>> complicated
>> files-excluded field.
> Mmm. I have a rough plan to make this an autoreject Lintian tag, so that
> would be problematic here. :)
> Would something like (untested) "cmd/sockaddr/vendor/*/*" not work, ooi?

I guess.. Also, we should probably remove that field from most packages,
since we have decided to use upstream git history, and repack on git, so
there is no real usage for it --except documentation.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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