On 04/01/18 05:40 AM, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> On 31/12/17 15:10, Alexandre Viau wrote:
>>>  and it already breaks all tooling.
>> What tooling? We should fix it. I can help.
> KGB, PET, automatic marking of pending bugs,

KGB will be very easy to rewrite for the gitlab API.

There is already ongoing work for marking pending bugs:

I am sure we can also adapt PET. In the meantime, maybe just use the QA

> Plus, all already cloned repos need to be adjusted manually, and you
> uploaded with the new salsa URLs in the Vcs links, but now it seems we
> get to maintain the anonscm links.

If you don't want to maintain the anonscm links, Alexander Wirt is
working on a solution and you will still be able to use anonscm links:
 - https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/AliothRewriter

However I think maintaining this map and a link will be even more

> Honestly, it feels very demotivating that you did this change :(

You don't have to switch your packages now if you don't want to spend
the time. I am sure Alioth will remain usable for a while. You can do it
as you upload them, there is no rush.

You can also automate it.

For my packages, I automated the repository creation on salsa and the
removal from Alioth.

Alexandre Viau

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