On 05/01/18 08:40 PM, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> If you don't want to maintain the anonscm links, Alexander Wirt is
>> working on a solution and you will still be able to use anonscm links:
>>  - https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/AliothRewriter
> But now we are introducing inconsistencies in the group packages, while
> there was no need to change the links if we have waited.

I don't think this inconsistency matters. The links will point to the
same place anyways.

>> However I think maintaining this map and a link will be even more
>> complicated.
> But that means re-uploading every one of our 891 packages.

Of course not! You can hold uploading until you have something else to
modify in the package.

You won't be uploading 891 packages JUST to update the links.

Until you upload a new version, the packages can either remain in Alioth
or be in salsa.debian.org with a redirect from anonscm.debian.org. None
of these situations are problematic.

> Well, this is part of the problem. These are not "your packages" or "my
> packages". We have a team where we decided that mainteinance is
> collaborative and that nobody owns the packages.
> What you are saying here goes against all that, and reverses efforts put
> into making pkg-go collaborative and welcoming.

Maybe I should have said "the packages where I am one of the uploaders"?
I was hoping that you would understand the expression. I absolutely
agree with everything you just said, don't worry.

I was actually the one to propose that we modify the policy to prefer
team maintenance, by the way:

Maybe the updated links are not much of an improvements, but I have
updated dozens of packages to new upstream versions and have fixed
hundreds of lintian warnings by the way :)

I intend to keep updating and migrating more packages, especially those
that still don't use XS-Go-Import-Path:
 - https://github.com/Debian/dh-make-golang/issues/73#issuecomment-339237871

I'll also update dh-make-golang so that it allows creating repositories
on salsa easily.

Cheers <3

Alexandre Viau

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