On 22/01/18 16:57, Michael Stapelberg wrote:

> We should exclude examples from being installed as binaries (which the
> example below does), but it’s not clear to me why we would exclude them
> from being included in the sources.

My rationale for that is that we ought to include them as examples (i.e.
in /usr/share/doc), and that many times, they do not build out of the
box, usually because of extra dependencies.

> The advantage to having them installed is that they could be compiled
> when testing packages for an updated package version, and thereby
> pinpointing an issue more quickly. E.g., assume I’m updating golang-foo
> 2.2 to 2.3, which is used by golang-bar, which in turn is used by
> cooltool. If golang-bar comes with an example program, I might catch the
> issue which golang-foo 2.3 introduces as a failure in the golang-bar
> compilation, not only in the cooltool compilation.

If they work, leaving them in the source and not excluding from
compilation/tests can be a good idea. And autopkgtest will pick them up
too. But I fear this will be a minority of cases.

>     > I thought I did. But indeed, I misread the man page [1], which plainly
>     > states that this is about excluding _targets_.

> By “this”, you refer to DH_GOLANG_EXCLUDES, I assume.

The main issue that we discussed with Clément is that DH_GOLANG_EXCLUDES
excludes packages from compilation, but not from installation. And I
feel that is not the best outcome.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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