On Wednesday 05 October 2005 10:43, Silke Reimer wrote:
> Hallo!

> First of all I am sorry that I havn't react to all gdal relevant
> emails for a long time. I had contact off-list to a few of you about
> In my opinion Claudio would be a good choice to co-maintain the
> package - but it would be great if there are even more volunteers
> and I am open for any other suggestions.
> What do you think? And what would I have to do to change the
> maintainer field if we decide to have gdal maintained by debianGIS?

Sorry for delay... I've had a lot of work during these days... 
I looked  the work of Jon, and I think he has done it fine :D

Now I've not enough time to deal with a big package like gdal (but I prefer 
work with other unpacked software)!

What do you think?

> Many greetings,
>       Silke
have a nice day!


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