On Jul 22, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Andreas Putzo]
> > i'm packaging josm (OpenStreetMap Editor). There are many useful
> > plugins for josm, and i started packaging some of them, too.  While
> > testing i noticed that josm now has a function to automatically
> > download plugins.  I'm wondering if it makes sense then to package
> > them.  Could you please advice?
> I believe it make sense to have the plugins installed for all the
> users on a system to use, instead of storing them in each users home
> directory.

Storing the plugins system wide still gives the user the possibility
to use josm's download/update functionality. I worry that this could 
lead to some problems due to plugin incompatibility, version conflicts,
Removing the download code might be an option. Do you think this
would be an unnecessary change to the original src and we should
rather try it the way it is, shipping an josm-plugins package _and
leaving josm's dl function intact?
Sorry if i'm asking silly questions for maybe obvious answers, i need
to learn here :)

> I see from <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/385371> that you believe the
> Btw, is the license incompatibility issue with josm can be solved.
> This is good news.



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