Hi Petter,

On 6 Aug 2007, at 10:24, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Artem Pavlenko]
I'm afraid you're right here.  There are couple things need to be
fixed/implemented. Artwork is one of them :) .

We can live without artwork, and the demo you showed at the OSM
conference was good enough for a place in the Debian archive.  May I
remind you of the "release early, release often" credo? :)

OK, you put on spot :). I committed some preliminary stuff into http://trac.mapnik.org/browser/trunk/demo/viewer It's basically what I demoed at SOTM plus couple improvements e.g - switching layers on/off is working now.
It is generic viewer not just OSM .

What is your time scale for liveCD ?

Well, it will be regularly updated based on the content in
Debian/testing, so if it is ready as soon as possible, that will be
very good. :)

Cool, lets see what I can do.

BTW, are you coming to foss4g ?

Probably not.  Not enough vacation days to spend on it. :)

Never mind, next year maybe :)

Happy hacking,

Petter Reinholdtsen


Artem Pavlenko

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