[Andreas Putzo]
> At the moment josm unfortunately needs to go to contrib, too.

Yeah. :(

> Dropping josm from the Live CD seems unfortunate to me as it cannot
> be used for mapping parties and other osm related work until above
> issues are solved.  I would prefer shipping contrib with the cd (or
> build a second one) while keeping the non-free dependencies at a
> minimum for now and trying to remove/replace them on a step by step
> basis.

I am all for including contrib packages on the live images.  The
problem is their non-free dependencies.  I'm not sure we are allowed
according to their license to distribute them.  Also, for the SUN Java
packages, there is a nasty license agreement question to answer, and
we can not really answer it on behalf of the users. :(

Not quite sure how to handle this.  I'm testing a build with both
contrib and non-free enabled, and will see what the log say. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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