thanks for reporting this bug.

On Dec 13  22:25, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> Package: gpsdrive
> Version: 2.10~pre4-1
> Severity: normal
> According to the man page, gpsdrive has -s and -r options to override
> the autodetection.  Since the autodetection doesn't notice the panels at
> the top and bottom of my screen I tried to use these options to set a
> saner resolution.
> It appears that the options simply do not work, whether supplied alone,
> or together.

Looks like this is a mistake in the manual page. The correct command
line switch is now -g <geometry>, for example:
  gpsdrive -g 800x600

-s disables the splash screen shown at startup now and -r is no longer
used, see also gpsdrive --help.


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