Hi all!

As you surely know, josm has just hits sid, but has already received
two bugs.

 1. It doesn't run. That is, it doesn't run with a free VM. At least
    this is my experience, but it seems to be also our bug reporter's
    experience. I think we should move it to contrib and make it depend
    on a Sun's JVM.

 2. It searches icons from the openstreetmap-map-icons-classic (source:
    gpsdrive), which isn't updated enough, so many icons can't be
    found. I think we should move the icons to a package independent
    from gpsdrive nor josm, and keep it updated.

I have already contributed a little bit to JOSM packaging and I would
like to keep on helping. Can I include myself in the Uploaders: field
and commit fixes in SVN for the first issue above? Then I'd like
someone (maybe frankie?) to upload to Debian  my changes. Are you ok?

Giovanni Mascellani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Pisa, Italy

Web: http://giomasce.altervista.org
GPG: 0x5F1FBF70 (FP: 1EB6 3D43 E201 4DDF 67BD  003F FCB0 BB5C 5F1F BF70)

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