[Giovanni Mascellani]
> As you surely know, josm has just hits sid, but has already received
> two bugs.
>  1. It doesn't run. That is, it doesn't run with a free VM. At least
>     this is my experience, but it seems to be also our bug reporter's
>     experience. I think we should move it to contrib and make it depend
>     on a Sun's JVM.

When I tested it with jamvm and gij, it limped along and was able to
download and display OSM data.  So it does not fail completely with
all free VMs.  It definitely work best with SUN Java, still.

Improvements to the wrapper script should be discussed with the Debian
Java group, as there is work going on there to make a helper functions
for such wrappers.

>  2. It searches icons from the openstreetmap-map-icons-classic (source:
>     gpsdrive), which isn't updated enough, so many icons can't be
>     found. I think we should move the icons to a package independent
>     from gpsdrive nor josm, and keep it updated.

Aha, is that the reason.  Please add some comments about this to the

> I have already contributed a little bit to JOSM packaging and I
> would like to keep on helping. Can I include myself in the
> Uploaders: field and commit fixes in SVN for the first issue above?
> Then I'd like someone (maybe frankie?) to upload to Debian my
> changes. Are you ok?

I am all for this.  Go ahead.  I'll try to find time to make new

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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