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> When I start JOSM I get the same or quite the same output as
> described in bug report #472305. But my bug is more severe. The
> window which opens and wich decoration is entitled JOSM is empty.
> It's just white space.
> I am using Debian GNU/Linux lenny beta 1 and installed gij 4.3.
> (selected by aptitude). No packages from non-free.

Josm is known to (approximately) work only on a few free Java VMs
(gij-4.1 and jamvm). I think we should make the package depend only on
those, and not on the generic java2-runtime.

Anyway, if you want make josm truly work, you have to add packages from
non-free and install the JVM from Sun. We're waiting for it to become
completely free.

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