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> On Apr 06  23:55, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> > (gij-4.1 and jamvm). I think we should make the package depend only
> > on those, and not on the generic java2-runtime.
> This wouldn't work because SUN's java (and others) do provide
> java2-runtime. If josm drops this dependency users might need to
> install a jvm they don't want to.

But otherwise the simply can't use josm! I can't understand why we
don't accept the fact that josm simply doesn't work with some VMs, and
so can't depend on a general VM, but only on those that make it work
(and, in my opinion, only sun-java* do).

Pretending to use a package and wanting not to install its dependencies
is a bit too ambitious, I think! And we cannot do anything against
the fact that josm doesn't work with gij-4.3. ;-)

I don't know when Sun's JVM will be free and packaged in main, but I
don't think is would be that incredible waste of time moving josm to
contrib until it happens so.

> It's also current policy to depend on the virtual package, also this
> should be changed in the future as far as i know.

Well, I really hope it to be changed, because right now our
dependencies are insufficient for josm.


Cheers, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Pisa, Italy

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