Dear Andreas and Petter,

today I wanted to work a bit on josm-plugins, specifically enabling
slippy_map_chooser. I thought it shouldn't be too difficult, just a few
minutes work. Not exactly!

First of all, slippy_map_chooser depended on a newer version of Josm
than that already present in Debian, because it depends on an API
modification recently made. Not too bad, I just needed to prepare also a
new version of Josm and ask Petter to upload them both.

Then I moved working on josm: upstream had modified line terminators in
many files, so two patches had to be updated. But I took a while to
realize it, and couldn't figure out why the patches didn't work. Ok, at
the end I managed to get rid of it.

Problems were not finished: Josm didn't compile, because it now relies
on classes such as and, which are present in
official Sun compiler, but not in GCJ, which we are using.

So, the question is: should we move to Sun's javac, or do you know some
workaround for this? I've just updated josm-plugins (which can't be
build right now, because it depends on too recent josm) and josm (which
fails to build for the reason I just underlined) to SVN.

Another word to Andreas: we're currently shipping josm-plugins under
GPL-3+. Do you agree to move to GPL-2+ like we've done for josm?

Happy Debian!
Giovanni Mascellani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Pisa, Italy

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