* Francesco P. Lovergine ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [080916 12:26]:
> AFAIK you cannot safely upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3 because you started from
> an old postgis installation, where #441794 was not fixed at the time.
> I'm expecting much better situation from current 1.3.3-3 on due
> to the dirty trick I implemented only recently. Also you should use
> the postgis upgrade script. That will not ensure you can upgrade
> safely from one pg version to another, anyway. That's due to
> the possibility that the pg versions are not compatible each other.
> Synthetically: postgis upgrades are known to be for brave hearts.

In that case, that should be documented in the postgresql upgrade readme
(and IMHO upgradecluster should refuse to run).

For me, it wasn't a real problem, because I could regenerate my data
easily, but such a thing can annoy people really much.


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