I'd like to reiterate the importance of the utils/* directory. 
Documentation in /usr/share/doc/postgis refers specifically to the 
postgis_restore.pl script, which resides in the utils/ directory.  That 
script has more uses than just performing a hard upgrade.

It appears that all the utilities in that directory are Perl scripts. 
The only thing the Makefile does is to set the execute mode bit.  Is 
there any reason those scripts cannot be included in either the postgis 
package or the postgresql-8.3-postgis package?

Finally, to elaborate on the cryptic "install source package" workaround 
-- for a single user, that process currently looks something like this:

   1.  apt-get source postgis
   2.  cp postgis-1.x.x/utils/postgis_restore.pl ~/bin
   3.  chmod u+x ~/bin/postgis_restore.pl

At least that's one solution.

Ron Bentley

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