On 01/-9/-28163 03:59 AM, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
the compatibility mode is there for a reason: to allow old code being
safely used without changes. If your code use the new api should also be able
to use the 1.8 api explicitly and not rely upon the 1.8/1.6 choice
done by third parties. If not, it needs to be fixed because
over-simplified in its approach.

The old API will eventually be deprecated and disappear. The compatibility mode allows time for the developers to migrate to the newer API: They could use H5_USE_16_API_DEFAULT to defer the migration. If they don't want to migrate at all, why bother upgrading the hdf5 package? The current approach burdens the adoption of new API and pushs the migration problems to the future.

There probably should be libhdf5-*-1.6-dev packages for the people wanting the old API. Or, if it is really desired to have libhdf5-*-dev meant for 1.6, there should at least be libhdf5-*-1.8-dev packages that provide a way to use the 1.8 API by default.

Chun-Chung Chen

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