Thank you David!

webkit-image-gtk works in josm! I've never seen that before.

The update-alternatives think works like a charm.

I like the idea of putting webkit-image-gtk first to avoid the qt
libraries, but in my (brief) tests, webkit-image-gtk does not work
as well. It seems like perhaps webkit-image-gtk doesn't retry
connections or something Here's what I see sometimes:

1) tiles that are completely white (except for the yahoo logo in
the corner)

2) tiles with small square areas in them white (but the rest of the
tile his good satelite image in it.

3) Tiles that say "unable to load page problem occured while
loading the URL http://josm[...] Cannot connect to destination"
with a "try again"

The first two I'd guess are resulting from webkit-image-gtk
rendering and exiting before the page has loaded completely.

I have not seen any of the above with webkit-image-qt.

Anybody else have similar experience?

To test, you can install both, and switch the "downloader" setting
in the WMS tab of the josm preferences. You'll need to delete the
WMS layer and create a new one for the change to take effect (I

Thank you,   - Jason

P.S. The funny part, is that when the error message is scaled by
josm's nearest neighbor algorithm, it looks like it says
"destinator" (YMMV).

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