On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 02:14:50PM +0100, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> Package: gmt
> Version: 4.5.6-1+b1
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> Trying to add high-resolution coastlines to the GMT installation (4.5.6 as of 
> wheezy, upgraded by hand to 4.5.6+b1/libnetcdf7)
> I found that
> * the script to install high/full resolution coastline data doesn't work 
> anymore because of filename changes
> * there's 2.2.0 available on soest.hawaii.edu and its mirrors but no 2.1.1 
> matching gmt-coast-low
> * replacing even the low-res files with 2.2.0 versions, I get
> pscoast: * resolution shoreline data base not installed
>   with *=intermediate, high, whatever matching the -D parameter
> Restoring the (2.1.1) binned_GSHHS_i.cdf file resolved the situation for 
> "intermediate" but due to the lack of hi-res files,
> "high" or "full" cannot be used at all.
> There is a 4.5.7 version out which *might* resolve the issue - on 
> soest.hawaii.edu, both the gmt and gshhs tarballs carry
> identical timestamps (July 14, 2011).
> Unless someone comes up with a backup of the old 
> GSHHS2.1.1_{high,full}.tar.bz2 files, GMT cannot be used for hi-res maps
> anymore. (I cannot even find them in Paul Wessel's tree.)
> *** End of the template - remove these lines ***

I know, the 4.5.7 version is already on the git repository and I'm switching
to an autoconsistent packaging of alla required resolutions for GSHHS because
recently upstream changed completely distribution style and broke past
scripts :-/ Depending on a consistent management of external archives is too
error prone.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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