Hi David,

Am Donnerstag, 20. September 2012, 16:23:25 schrieb David Paleino:
> > The osm2pgsql version packaged in testing does not support 64-bit node ids. 
> It seems like it does (at least partially), but wasn't enabled at build-time. 
> I
> looked through the upstream repository, and backported a patch (taken from a
> couple commits).
> Do you know how to test it against 64-bit osm IDs? And if that support is
> supposed to be enabled on 32-bit machines? (I have no idea).

64-bit ID mode should work fine on 32-bit machines (it will run slower though).

The main differences between 32-bit mode and 64-bit mode are:
* osm2pgsql internally stores an ID as int32_t (32-bit mode) or int64_t (64-bit 
* the PostgreSQL database stores an ID as int4 (32-bit mode) or int8 (64-bit 

Therefore, 32-bit mode and 64-bit mode are not compatible, one needs to 
re-create the database tables.


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