On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 11:04:09 +0100, Ana Guerrero wrote:

> Package: src:hdf5
> Version: 1.8.8-9
> Severity: serious
> In Squeeze there are two virtual packages libhdf5-1.8 and libhdf5-1.8.4, that
> allow to install either libhdf5-serial-1.8.4, libhdf5-openmpi-1.8.4,
> libhdf5-mpich-1.8.4 or libhdf5-lam-1.8.4 to satisfy the dependency on
> libhdf5-1.8.4. (Usually packages are depending on: libhdf5-serial-1.8.4 | 
> libhdf5-1.8.4)
> In Wheezy those libraries are not longer ABI compatible, therefore
> the serial version was renamed libhdf5-7 and also the packages of the others
> versions, for example libhdf5-openmpi-7, has a provides line:
> Provides: libhdf5-1.8, libhdf5-7
> So you can install for example, r-cran-hdf5 and it will install by default
> the serial version (libhdf5-7), but you can also install it at the
> same time than libhdf5-openmpi-7 (or you might have it installed already)
> and then you will get it installed with the openMPI version despite being 
> built
> against the serial version, that as said isn't ABI compatible.
do you have pointers/details about that ABI incompatibility?  I'm pretty
sure I looked through exported symbols and headers from hdf5 a year ago,
and didn't see anything that would break when building against the
serial version and running against openmpi, but I may have missed

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