recently, I've been working on packaging PostGIS 2.0 for Debian and now
consider it ready for uploading to unstable. I'm a DM and would also
appreciate upload rights for that package.

Some notes: I took great care to ensure postgis-2.0.3 won't break
existing installations of postgis-1.x. For that reason, the binary
package names now include a version, i.e. 'postgis-2.0'. Effective
upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 requires a dump/restore cycle and is left to the

Upstream is mixed about liblwgeom. Basically, at the moment, there is no
backwards-compatibility guarantee. Taking a conservative approach, I
thus added the full version to the binary package name, i.e.
liblwgeom-2.0.3. As postgis itself is currently the only user of that
library in Debian, that shouldn't be much of an issue. However,
spatialite for example may eventually use it as well.

See upstream bugs on component liblwgeom:

Please see the postgis alioth repository here:


Markus Wanner

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