On 06/26/2013 11:11 AM, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> please provide the correct required tags to upstream/debian branches at every
> new release.

Thanks, good point. I simply didn't think about that.

In a similar vein: is it okay to create beta branches? Maybe
'upstream-beta' and 'beta' to start packaging on postgis-2.1 (or any
other beta release in the future)?

> About libgdal-dev versus libgdal1-dev, the proper dependency is libgdal-dev,
> the old libgdal1-dev should be considered only for back-compatibility.
> In this specific case I would use something like
> libgdal-dev | libgdal1-dev
> until the old releases still will be considered for backports.

The reasoning behind that was that postgis-2.0 will hardly ever be
compatible to a libgdal2-dev.

> Ratio: we will neve provide multiple versions of gdal development packages,
> so using a versioned name is pointless and inconsistent.

I see. Will change to the proposed variant above.



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