Package: liblas-dev
Severity: serious
Tags: patch

geotiff has recently switched from libtiff5-dev to libtiff5-alt-dev to solve a 
build-dependency conflict that cropped up in grads during the gd transition. 
Unfortunately this has made the dependencies for liblas-dev unsatisfiable and 
the build-dependencies for the liblas source package also unsatisfiable.

The fix to make the package build again involves switching the dependencies and 
adding some pkg-config calls. 

I have prepared and attached a patch with NMU changelog entry (though the 
closes tag still needs adding because I can't add that without the bug number 
which of course I don't have yet).

If I get no objections to the patch and it is not uploaded by the maintainer 
before then I intend to do some further tests (so far i've checked it builds 
but not whether the resulting package works) and upload this as a NMU late next 

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