On 06/18/2013 02:02 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Package postgresql-9.1-postgis is an extension to postgresql-9.1 i.e. a
> plugin package for servers.

With postgis-2.0.3-1, dependencies changed quite a bit.

postgis and postgresql-9.1-postgis are now entirely independent
packages. postgresql-9.1-postgis only recommends postgis. And postgis in
turn just suggests postgresql-9.1-postgis.

(The later is only a suggestion mainly because i.e.
postgresql-9.2-postgis may well be a better alternative, if available.)

> What I suggest (in line with original poster but more detailed) is to
> move tool shp2pgsql-gui to new package postgis-x11, and have package
> postgis recommend package shp2pgsql-gui.

I didn't split the GUI tools out of postgis, so far. However, given the
relaxed dependencies between postgis and postgresql-9.1-postgis, do you
agree to close this bug?


Markus Wanner

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