Source: osgearth
Version: 2.0+dfsg-4
Severity: wishlist
Usertags: openscenegraph-3.2


We just uploaded a new version of OpenSceneGraph (3.2.0~rc1) which hopefully 
will be approved soon.

This package "osgearth" will need to be recompiled against this new version to 
continue to work.

The main changes can be seen in the following URLs, announcement and discussion 
about the deprecation of osg::Geometry.


Thread discussing important changes:

Specific message in previous thread with the final summary:

We might provide assistance if you need help NMUing the package, will provide a 
patch if possible, and will NMU if it fails to compile in the following 
weeks/months and we find a solution.

Please contact if you need assistance.


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