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On 13-08-29 05:22 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Alan,

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 09:57:02AM -0400, Alan Boudreault wrote:

UbuntuGIS is working with DebianGIS and we share all work with them
directly using the official git debian repository.

Cool!  That's exactly the way I would have suggested because it works
like a charm in Debian Med team with BioLinux (which is also an Ubuntu
derivative).  Is there some documentation (some kind of policy document
to make this more visible for newcomers)?  From several postings here
I had the impression that Debian resources might be underestimated /
rarely used.

Not sure what you mean. We extensively use the work of the DebianGIS team. However, we won't ask them to do the ubuntu tasks.

However, we don't
decide when a new release is uploaded to unstable.

Well, the question is whether this is actually a *decision* or rather
a matter of time resources.

Francesco is the
administrator of DebianGIS.

I know Francesco from some DebConfs in the past and I think he would not
mind to get some helping hand.  While Debian GIS is not my main focus
and I'm quite far from considering myself as a GIS expert my OSM
activities have brought me closer to Debian GIS and I'd be happy to
sponsor packages after coordination with Francesco.  I have no idea who
strict he considers his "administrator" role but from my experience in
other teams structures in Debian are rather flat - provided that you are
not breaking anything it is fine to do something instead of waiting
until somebody else have done it.

That would be very nice. Francesco has probably a lot more to do in addition of DebianGIS... and I have the same problem. I would be happy if someone could put some time in DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS.

The DebianGIS process is also longer...
so the softwares are not immediately pushed in unstable.

This is exactly the point where I would like to help if anyhow possible.

To start with this help I also ported the Debian GIS thermometer once
written by Francesco most probably in the intention to make the
cooperation more effective:

The port is using common Debian Blends techniques and I think I provided
some extra features not available previously.  So I'm quite serious to
support the DebianGIS - UbuntuGIS cooperation to the best of my skills.
Any ideas how I can be of more help are perfectly welcome.

Great. I wonder if we could do an irc meeting with all debiangis and ubuntugis members. Talking together, we could probably figure out how everyone can help to.

What do you think Francesco?

Kind regards


On 13-08-29 09:51 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 10:19:08AM -0400, Jerome Villeneuve Larouche wrote:
Georaster and OCI packages would be a really great addition to
UbuntuGIS. It would be really nice if you could upload them to
UbuntuGIS or just send them to me and I'll take care of it.

Just a question:  Is there any connection also to Debian GIS team[1]?  I
lived under the impression that it might make sense to work together but
questions previous hints to work inside Debian were basically ignored.
I'm just asking this question seriously because if this might not be the
case I would start personally in checking with Debian GIS team how we
could adopt from UbuntuGIS (which seems to be top down to me - but better
than no connection at all).

Thanks for enlightening



Alan Boudreault

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