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On Tue, Sep 03, 2013 at 06:24:06PM -0400, Alan Boudreault wrote:
> >Cool!  That's exactly the way I would have suggested because it works
> >like a charm in Debian Med team with BioLinux (which is also an Ubuntu
> >derivative).  Is there some documentation (some kind of policy document
> >to make this more visible for newcomers)?  From several postings here
> >I had the impression that Debian resources might be underestimated /
> >rarely used.
> Not sure what you mean. We extensively use the work of the DebianGIS
> team. However, we won't ask them to do the ubuntu tasks.

With resources I mean for instance that somebody on this list was asking
how to do some Java packaging and obviously had no idea that it might be
straightforward to ask on debian-java mailing list.  However, it could
be that since I'm news to the various GIS teams I just do not know all
the internals.
> >I know Francesco from some DebConfs in the past and I think he would not
> >mind to get some helping hand.  While Debian GIS is not my main focus
> >and I'm quite far from considering myself as a GIS expert my OSM
> >activities have brought me closer to Debian GIS and I'd be happy to
> >sponsor packages after coordination with Francesco.  I have no idea who
> >strict he considers his "administrator" role but from my experience in
> >other teams structures in Debian are rather flat - provided that you are
> >not breaking anything it is fine to do something instead of waiting
> >until somebody else have done it.
> >
> That would be very nice. Francesco has probably a lot more to do in
> addition of DebianGIS... and I have the same problem. I would be
> happy if someone could put some time in DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS.

My main focus is Debian Med and general works on Blends.  But I like to
do some share of my time for *GIS.  So just test me with your sponsoring
requests or ideas to enhance the Blends framework for better use in

> >This is exactly the point where I would like to help if anyhow possible.
> >
> >To start with this help I also ported the Debian GIS thermometer once
> >written by Francesco most probably in the intention to make the
> >cooperation more effective:
> >
> >   
> > http://blends.alioth.debian.org/gis/thermometer/ubuntu_debian-gis_thermometer.html
> >
> >The port is using common Debian Blends techniques and I think I provided
> >some extra features not available previously.  So I'm quite serious to
> >support the DebianGIS - UbuntuGIS cooperation to the best of my skills.
> >Any ideas how I can be of more help are perfectly welcome.
> >
> Great. I wonder if we could do an irc meeting with all debiangis and
> ubuntugis members. Talking together, we could probably figure out
> how everyone can help to.

I could join a GIS IRC meeting in evening hours (European time zones).

Kind regards



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