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> Thanks, Michael, for doing the investigative work!
> At the moment it looks like there's nothing we can do for squeeze (as 
> it's frozen), and there's nothing we need to do for wheezy (because 
> sun-java6 isn't in wheezy).
> For those who are still having this problem, there are various 
> solutions:
> - Symlink the java3d components into the sun-java6 installation (ugly 
> solution perhaps but then it works everywhere)
> - Patch the launch script yourself (or make a new one) to add the 
> library path to the java command:
>    java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni ...
> - add Michael's line export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/jni either to the 
> launch script or to a user-specific .bashrc
> - apparently switching to openjdk6 also fixes the problem (according to 
> the linked thread)
> So I'm not sure if this bug should be closed or not, but it doesn't 
> look like it can be fixed.

You're right, I can't reproduce this bug in unstable. 

So, I propose to wait for a week to see if anyone can reproduce this bug
in Debian sid. If anybody can't reproduce it, I'll close the bug.

Thanks for reporting bugs!

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