El dl 09 de 12 de 2013 a les 17:01 +0100, en/na Andreas Tille va
> Hi Mònica,
> I have just noticed your work on gpsprune and this reminds me that I
> wanted to suggest to move JOSM (as well as other packages in pkg-osm) to
> pkg-grass since the current split is at best unmotivated and might
> perhaps confuse people.  I think there was some general consensus in the
> IRC meeting in September to do this kind of migration.  

Ok, no problem for me. One question: does it mean to remove "Debian
OpenStreetMap Team <pkg-osm-ma...@lists.alioth.debian.org>" (and
therefore remove this team) or move it to Uploaders?

> I'd volunteer to
> do the actual move and by doing so uploading the latest JOSM version -
> provided there are no specific pitfalls in JOSM packaging which I might
> not know.  If you would like to do it even yourself that would be even
> more welcome.

josm 6238 is not building in unstable because of this bug:

I suppose josm 6338 is not building as well, although I haven't tested

I was waiting for the fix of this bug to upload the new josm, but I can
try to package josm 6338 and upload it to experimental, like I've done
with gpsprune (although there is a regression with
libmetadata-extractor-java). What do you think about it?


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