Hi Mònica,

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 11:21:46AM +0100, Mònica Ramírez Arceda wrote:
> > I personally see no reason for keeping pkg-osm-maint@l.a.d.o.  As far as
> > I can see the persons behind this team are also members of pkg-grass.
> > OSM related packages are spread for no visible reason over both projects
> > and I think we have a fair chance to reduce confusion by merging them all
> > into pkg-grass.  Please let me know if you disagree.
> It's ok for me. I've just subscribed to pkg-gras-devel list :-)


> Please, let me know if you have any rule or protocol in pkg-grass team I
> should follow.

There are not only rules - they are currently in flux for a final
release so if you have some opinion about the rules you have a good
chance that these will be regarded:


> > After reading #725186 I think it makes sense to wait a couple of days
> > for an answer of Emmanuel since your latest progress report is from
> > yesterday.  May be he will be able to upload a fixed
> > libmetadata-extractor-java quickly and thus you would spend your time
> > into outdated josm version which I would not call very productive.
> We don't have any response yet, but if upstream is involved in patching
> this library, maybe we should wait a little bit more.

Right.  I do not see any need for hurring up since I now understood the

> > Thanks for your work on this and feel free to ping me if I could be
> > of any help (but please do not expect much help from me regarding
> > actual Java code :-().
> Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for what? ;-)  I have not done anything but chatting up to now.

Kind regards



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