Hi Ivan,

I have notices that you successfully injected packaging for
pg-comparator.  For simplicity I did the following changes:

 - Add proper Vcs fields
 - cme fix dpkg-control (See Debian GIS policy) 
 - Group maintenance in Debian GIS team
 - Debhelper compatibility level 9

Regarding to debian/changelog:  You did createt a new changelog
paragraph and both paragraphs were not yet released to unstable.  In
this case you should rather use UNRELEASED to declare that the package
is actually not yet uploaded to unstable.  A nice helper to do this
without needing to remember is simply using

   dch -i

to create a new changelog entry.

Moreover you are closing the ITP bug not inside the last changelog
paragraph.  This is bad since it is not automatically closed when you
upload (even if there are tricks to approach this I would not do this
without good reasons).  Since the first paragraph is basically
uninteresting from a Debian point of view I would advise to remove
it and use

    * Initial release (Closes: #646131)

in the current entry.  I'll leave it to your decision how to handle this
- feel free to ask if I did not explained the issue detailed enough.

Finally there are some lintian issues.  You can easily fix
timewarp-standards-version by setting a recent date in d/changelog.

I'll leave it to you how you want to deal with the remaining ones
you get when doing

   lintian -i -I g-comparator_2.2.1-1_amd64.changes 

Thanks for your work on this package



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