On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 10:47:27PM +0100, Markus Wanner wrote:
> Frankie,
> as recently discussed on IRC, I took a stab at upgrading ossim to a
> current release. Attached is a patch against the svn repo (do I have
> commit access to that, given that IIRC I'm a member of pkg-grass-devel?).
> Please review and comment whether or not you agree with the general
> direction.
> Some comments and lose ends:
>  - lintian complains about hardening issues, looks like I don't
>    properly pass the LDFLAGS through cmake, yet.
>  - I dropped the static library build for now. How important is that?
>  - ossim-config isn't built, anymore, nor is there an ossim.pc (for
>    pkg-config)

Next release of Orfeo Toolbox will be more nice on those regards, 
it will be linkable with Debian ITK and Ossim, instead of using
its embedded copies. 
The static lib currently is something provided if available. Is there
some problems in generating the static flavor?

>  - I didn't do any testing of the resulting library or utilities, but
>    am happy it builds at all, for now.

Which is something good at this stage. I'm not sure if a testing suite
is available as in the GDAL case, it is out of question thinking to
test individually all utilities.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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