On 01/30/2014 09:32 AM, Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> Next release of Orfeo Toolbox will be more nice on those regards, 
> it will be linkable with Debian ITK and Ossim, instead of using
> its embedded copies.


> The static lib currently is something provided if available. Is there
> some problems in generating the static flavor?

Not technically. But it involves some more fiddling with debian/rules
and cmake to actually build the library twice. I'm not sure how to
accomplish that, yet. Pointers to existing examples are very welcome.

> Which is something good at this stage. I'm not sure if a testing suite
> is available as in the GDAL case, it is out of question thinking to
> test individually all utilities.


As a side-note: I put some effort into ossim because I thought it blocks
the openscenegraph transition. I didn't realize ossim was already
removed from testing. And the transition doesn't appear to be blocked by
ossim anymore, all of a sudden. I'm sorry to say, but overall, this
likely means that this is a one-time effort - something that should be
considered before re-introducing ossim into testing.



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