Dear Ruby Maintainers.

> Dear colleagues,
> you're hearing from me because ruby2.0 is going away, and one of
> your packages depends or build-depends on ruby or a related package.
> A new ruby metapackage (src:ruby-defaults) that changes the list of
> supported ruby interpreters to only 2.1 will enter sid today.
> While 2.0 and 2.1 are very similar and thus, we don't expect any
> real breakage, please ensure your package still works with ruby2.1,
> and, if it (build-)depends on (lib)ruby2.0, please drop that
> dependency in favor of (lib)ruby2.1 (or better, one of the meta
> packages).

I don't understand why you haven't rebuild these packages with Ruby 2.1 to
verify whether they build, and file bugs for those that don't.

> Bas Couwenberg <>
>    geos (U)
>    mapserver (U)

I've rebuild these two packages, and they both build fine with Ruby 2.1
Please BinNMU them when Ruby 2.0 is removed.

> Debian GIS Project <>
>    geos
>    mapserver
>    ruby-hdfeos5
>    ruby-hdfeos5 (1.2-1)
>    ruby-narray-miss
>    ruby-netcdf
>    ruby-netcdf (0.6.6-2)

I've not rebuild the ruby-* packages listed above. There is currently work
in progress to update the NetCDF packages, so if there are Ruby 2.1 issues
they may be addressed in the process.

Kind Regards,


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