Re: Michael Fladischer 2014-08-14 <>
> Does pg_buildext already support cmake?
> Following the example in pg_buildext(1) it breaks at `pg_buildext build
> build-%v` because there is no Makefile.

No, it is only meant to be used with PGXS-style PostgreSQL extension

What you can do is something like this:

for v in $(pg_buildext supported-versions); do
        PG_CONFIG=/usr/lib/postgresql/$v/bin/pg_config cmake ....

... or using native cmake methods to switch the PostgreSQL version, if
there's any.

If it's too hard/messy, don't bother with it. The net effect would
have been to be able to put the package on, but I'm
unsure how much users would actually benefit from being able to choose
the PostgreSQL version for pgrouting instead of just using the Debian

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