Source: geos
Version: 3.3.3
Tags: patch
Severity: wishlist

I posted this to Debian-Alioth's "Debian GIS" project (alioth #314585)
but there has been no response for several months so I'm reposting to
the main bugtracker in hopes for some more traction.

Since version 3.3.0 of LibGeos the PHP binding has become an
officially supported interface. Attached is a patch which amends the
current package for version 3.3.3 in Wheezy. The patch creates a new
binary package, when the geos source package is compiled, specifically
containing the PHP binding. The binary package is named libgeos-php5
but I am unsure whether a more appropriate name would be php5-geos.

Attachment: geos-3.3.3+php.patch
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