Dear debian-legal and debian-gis members,

I contacted and they replied with contact
details of Mr. Jalon Shoemaker. I talked to him on the phone,
but he is a sales person and is only in charge of selling me licenses.
I've got an email address of a more technical person at bing maps,
and I will send an email to him in a few minutes.

IMHO the question is: Under which license are we allowed to use
(the REST Service for Bing maps) at all?
The license ( is pretty
restrictive... (or am I missing something?)

"2.    Definitions.
“Education or Non-Profit Organization Use” means using the Services
with a Company Application that displays results for education or
non-profit use, where non-profit organization means a tax exempt
organization and education means use by public or private K-12 schools,
universities, community colleges or other collegiate level institutions
such as vocational schools, trade schools or career colleges, including
their faculty, staff, and students, provided that your use is consistent
with the terms of Section 5.  Further your Company Application must be
one of the following: publically available without restriction (for
example, login or password must not be required), available only to
current students of your education organization via your private network
in order to provide education related services, available internally for
free instructional use, or available internally for non-commercial
research use. Commercially funded research projects and commercial
company use for educational purposes are excluded from Education or
Non-Profit Organization Use."

"5.  Education or Non-Profit Organization Use. Subject to your compliance
with Sections 1, 2, 5 and 8 of this TOU, you may develop or host a
Company Application that uses the Services to display results for
Education or Non-profit Organization Use (as defined in Section 2)."

=> We cannot guarantee that no one uses JMapViewer (GPL)

=> I think we need to investigate that for jessie+1, but now I think we
should parse the "attribution data" and use the included link to
download the logo at runtime (many thanks to the patch [1] from Marcus
Lundblad <> and Martin Krüger <>)?
We should really agree on something now ;-)


Thanks and Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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