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 tagged by  Bernd Zeimetz
        on  Sun Sep 13 01:19:09 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.14+svnfixes~20090912-1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Bernd Zeimetz (18):
      Remove embedded code copies while repackaging.
      Updating README.source - repackaging documentation.
      Imported Upstream version 0.14
      Merge commit 'upstream/0.14'
      Revert "Fix the uscan repack script"
      Merge commit 'remotes/origin/upstream-svn/merkaartor-0.14-fixes' into 
      Removing embedded source copies.
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Revert "New upstream release (Closes: #541534)"
      Updating patches and debian/rules to suit 0.14.
      Cleaning up gbp.conf.
      Removing backup cruft.
      Build-Deps: dropping libproj, adding libboost
      Move Homepage into the headers of d/control.
      Bumping Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
      Describing merge of fixes from svn.
      Updating debian/copyright.
      Updating changelog.

Paul Wise (2):
      New upstream release (Closes: #541534)
      Fix the uscan repack script

bvh (280):
      First import of Merkaartor v0.03 in
      Remove binary files
      FIX : reset brush when drawing zoom window
      FIX : sent correct id with road
      FIX : always prefer to select a road instead of a link
      FIX : refactored the DirtyList class
      ADD : ability to remove segments from ways
      FIX : execute updates also on server
      ADD : user recognizable names in upload windows
      FIX : nicer tracksegments
      ADD : splitting roads and segments by adding a node
      ADD : zoom in and out with the wheelbutton
      FIX : Make sure virtual classes have virtual destructors
      ADD : install instructions for (K)ubuntu edgy
      ADD : debian package
      Prepare for release 0.0.4
      Prepare for next version
      ADD : connecting links by dragging end points
      FIX : don't crash after the following sequence of events
      FIX : more agressively go to edit interaction mode
      FIX : make the Cancel button in the import OSM dialog actually work
      FIX : speep up importing OSM files with a hasp map for ids
      ADD : bookmark system dor downloading from OSM
      FIX : don't jump when zooming after panning
      FIX : use the same step to zoom in and out
      FIX : bounding box calculation (corrects view->all)
      FIX : improve performance
      ADD : support for traffic direction (changing, viewing, ...)
      ADD : missing icon
      ADD : load tags for nodes
      ADD : render some parks pitches and reservoirs as areas
      ADD : ui file
      FIX : prepare for a release
      FIX : also recognize true/false for oneway tag
      update version number
      FIX : correctly load roads when downloading a road two times
      FIX : don't create created_by tags anymore
      ADD : type combobox to set highway tag
      FIX : no more busy waiting while downloading from OSM
      ADD : show nice progress dialog while downloading from OSM
      FIX : credit where credit is due
      FIX : sorry for the spelling mistake
      FIX : download missing segments outside original bounding box to
      FIX : don't call QStatusbar methods from paintEvent
      FIX : don't crash when importing a .osm file from disk
      FIX : speedier drawing of roads
      ADD : undo/redo icons from tango project
      FIX : forgot commit
      FIX : improve interactivity with a double buffer for static content
      ADD : multi-selection ->change tags on multiple elements
      FIX : don't crash when selecting nothing with Ctrl key held
      ADD : missing ui file to include
      ADD : remove tag tool
      ADD : download with 0.4 API
      REFACTOR : use Downloader class while syncing
      ADD : uploading with 0.4 api
      FIX : invalidate screen after changes
      ADD : draw arrows for tracksegments
      ADD : download trackpoints
      ADD : ability to contact OSM on a different port
      FIX : make File->Open work again
      FIX : allow right mouse button panning from all interactions
      FIX : keep correct start point when drawing segments and changing view
      FIX : Also show selection while panning
      FIX : avoid adding width tags
      FIX : don't error on empty downloads
      ADD : debug features
      ADD : more debugging options
      FIX : correct url for creating nodes in 0.4 api
      ADD : create double way tool
      FIX : make sure to upload nodes before segments and segments before ways
      ADD : draw new roundabout tool
      FIX : make right mouse panning available while creating roundabouts and
      FIX : renaming miss-named file
      ADD : snap to segments and points when creating a new road
      FIX : preparing for release
      FIX : need this file to compile
      FIX : another file to compile
      Preparing for 0.06
      FIX : improve speed with massive number of trackpoints
      FIX : test my account and update dependency information
      FIX : show download progress
      ADD : contributor
      FIX : spelling error
      ADD : new map painting style
      FIX : downloading same area twice doesn't create upload conflicts anymore
      FIX : keep tag content when editing them in the tag table
      FIX : correctlye update tag table size when editing
      FIX : remove support for 0.3 API
      ADD : gzipped downloading
      ADD: nice painting for water
      FIX : line continuations
      ADD : file->new menu option to start a new map
      FIX : download issue when Qt needs to process data ready notifications
      FIX : compilation on unix
      ADD : GNU public license information
      ADD : scripts to generate a windows installation file
      FIX : don't advertise we can compress put requests
      ADD : create way from selected segments tool
      FIX : don't systematically add width tags to segments
      FIX : streamline changing the width of a segment
      FIX : bring back drawing of traffic direction indicators
      FIX : version number and copyright
      FIX : show more segments on greater zoom levels
      FIX : make user interface work with qt 4.2 again
      FIX : release 0.0.7
      FIX : move to version 0.5 of the API
      FIX : compile fix
      ADD : move now works for complete ways also
      ADD : non transparent proxy support
      ADD : change cursor to reflect move mode
      FIX : remove some segments remnants from the user interface
      FIX : recognize 1 in oneway key
      FIX : draw direction marks again
      FIX : re-added lost icon
      FIX : undo/redo handling when manipulating tags
      FIX : ability to draw icons on specific trackpoints
      FIX : errors introduced by porting to 0.5
      FIX : errors introduced when porting to API 0.5
      ADD : draw parking symbol from mapnik for parkings
      FIX : wrong format when exporting to OSM introduced with api 0.5
      ADD : highway type tertiary
      FIX : tweak color scheme
      FIX : compile fix
      FIX : compile fixes
      FIX : compile warning
      ADD : cache road bounding box
      FIX : draw parking surface on apropriate zoom level
      FIX : tab order for various widgets
      ADD : slippy map widget
      ADD : slippy map to select coordinates
      FIX : clean up code repetition
      FIX : compile errors
      FIX : reuse slippy map cache
      FIX : improve download handling
      ADD : join/split/break road actions
      FIX : clarify a little more about this software
      FIX : refactor paint style code
      FIX : refactor MapFeature to pimpl idiom
      ADD : caching mechanism for edit style painters
      FIX : make rendering nicer on higher zoomed out levels
      ADD : dragbox to select a group of features at once
      ADD : selection box when multiple features are selected
      FIX : zoom with mouse wheel as in google maps
      FIX : remove irrelevant menu item
      ADD : import relations
      ADD : forgot this file
      ADD : structure to keep track which features one feature belongs to
      FIX : compile warnings (by Elrond)
      FIX : compile error
      ADD : create relation menu item
      FIX : render relations where tags are on the individual roads
      FIX : compile warnings and code structure (contributed by Elrond)
      new debian version
      ADD : support for Non GPSPlot track files
      FIX  : also include ImportNGT.h reference (not really crucial for now)
      ADD : draw natural=wood areas (patch by Raphael Studer)
      REMOVE : unnecessary function
      FIX : unix line endings
      ADD : set native eol ending property
      FIX : draw trackpoints that have an icon
      FIX : draw unconnected trackpoints
      ADD : multiple remove
      ADD : add remove to edit menu
      FIX : some more compilation fixes
      ADD : save last current directory
      FIX : draw landuse=forest also
      ADD : moving a trackpoint onto a road inserts that trackpoint into the 
      ADD : a whole bunch of paint rules by Matt Williams
      ADD : draw hospital area and node
      ADD : nice amenity tag selector for nodes
      FIX : use the predefined system for highway tags
      ADD : nice selector for landuse tags
      FIX : compile fix
      ADD : more amenities
      FIX : compile warnings and a memory leak
      ADD : draw area command
      ADD : landuse selector for relations
      ADD : upload relations to OSM
      FIX : compile fixes for gcc 3.x
      ADD : debian changelog
      ADD : paint style editor
      FIX : compilation with visual studio 2003
      FIX : don't open console window
      FIX : move back to one projection class
      FIX : only use QMapControl projection when there is actually image data 
      FIX : make Projection a non-virtual class and pass around references to it
      ADD : curved road support
      FIX : don't crash in create round about (by Tommi Vainikainen)
      FIX : make checkboxes work in style editor
      FIX : zoom around cursor position
      ADD : navigation with mid/right button in the slippy map (by Daniel van 
      update authors file
      FIX : clean up zlib after usage (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : memory leak (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : memory leak (reported by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : memory leak (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : crash when splitting a road (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : improve support for creating debian packages (by Christoph Berg)
      FIX : also upload nodes from GPX files
      ADD : default map style settings
      Update hacking notes
      ADD : ability to load a track from the command line (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : updates mapnik emulation style (by Chris Marquadt)
      FIX : typo
      FIX : increase snap speed
      FIX : reduce memory usage when importing from OSM
      FIX : second parse
      FIX : when suggesting to enter password/username open the dialog on the 
correct tab
      ADD : error checking for osmarender stylesheet
      ADD : shift-click prevents roads from being selected (helpfull if you 
want to catch
      FIX : increase readability of exported OSM files a bit with extra newlines
      FIX : redraw view when joining roads
      ADD : improved tag selection mechanism
      FIX : keep better track of dash settings on or off
      FIX : don't draw traffic direction marks by default
      ADD : 'and' condition in a tag selector
      FIX : new notation for style definitions
      FIX : read isoneof(..) constructs
      ADD : save mainwindow status (by Daniel van Gerpen)
      FIX : warn when using an older version of Qt that uploading may have 
      FIX : prepare for release v0.0.10
      Prepare for release
      ADD : missing file
      Release v0.0.10
      Fix syntax of isEmpty conditional
      fix compilation with Qt 4.4.0 webkit
      fix : Qt 4.4.0 is more picky for the syntax of local files
      Load ymap.html directly from resource instead of making a copy on disk
      Don't save images
      FIX : make the shortcuts for creating roads and nodes less interfering
      ADD : draw nodes of selected/hovered roads (by Vincent Meurisse)
      FIX : make the shortcuts for moving less interfering
      FIX : get smooth scrolling back with Qt 4.4.0 which compresses
      Adds a complete caching mechanism for painters
      FIX : on zoom all, calculate the final box by hand instead of
      ADD : living_street as a predefined highway tag
      ADD : load Qt plugins for application bundle with Mac
      ADD : script to set up mac os framework stuff
      ADD : drag map with control key
      ADD framework to support 0.6 api
      ADD : ability to create new elements with the 0.6 api
      FIX : force restart for changing api versions
      ADD : closing changesets in 0.6 api
      ADD : update with 0.6 api
      ADD : delete in api06
      Warn when using wrong password or username
      FIX : upload order when merging nodes
      Draw a scale
      FIX : prepare for a new windows binary release
      ADD : Czech translation by Tom Mika
      FIX : updated czech translation
      Added translations to pro file
      ADD : updated translation
      ADD : draw landuse=water also in classic style
      ADD : ability to use svg as trackpoint icons
      FIX : forgot these files
      FIX : only activate upload menu when there is something to upload
      ADD : +/- buttons on the slippy map to make it useable for single button 
devices like the mac or mobile platforms like N810
      FIX filename
      FIX : make the download dialog less cluttered
      FIX : make download with slippy map work again
      FIX : compile warning
      ADD : preliminary gpsd support
      FIX : make gpsd support configureable
      ADD : also capture sattelite information
      FIX : remove polling for thread exit
      FIX : interpret satellite information correctly
      ADD : nice satellite view
      FIX : make the heading appear in the satellite tracker
      FIX : use signalling instead of busy waiting for serial port gpsdevices
      Sync from r10585, makes yahoo maps line up in bigger views
      FIX : correct progress when downloading map tiles
      ADD : ability to set language explicitly
      ADD : information about adding a language
      FIX : remove double of merkaartor_cs
      ADD : let user choose between translating OSM tags yes/no
      FIX : mark the tag strings for translation
      ADD : make hover/relation/focus sizes configureable
      FIX : make moving geo-time-encoded images to the start of the track work

cmarqu (55):
      Update copyright year.
      Center icons properly (was done only in x direction). Closes #791.
      Fix typo (s/TWS/TMS/).
      Fix typo.
      Add some initial translation infrastructure and the beginnings of a 
German translation.
      Small typofixes in source. Updated German translation.
      Mention translation capabilities in CHANGELOG.
      String fixes.
      Update of German translation, with proper umlauts. Closes #819.
      Add OpenTopoMap WMS server to list of defaults. Add OpenAerialMap as TMS 
(existed as WMS already).
      Add OpenTopoMap WMS server to list of defaults. Add OpenAerialMap as TMS 
(existed as WMS already).
      Add svn:externals for Gpsdrive icons.
      Add svn:externals for Gpsdrive icons, part 2.
      Last attempt to set svn:externals failed, start anew.
      Start working on a MapnikPlus.mas style with lots more icons.
      Add more icons to ressources file; use them in MapnikPlus style.
      Fix obvious typo (pxDownloarAreas).
      Fix typo.
      Add some more icons to the MapnikPlus style.
      Port over font settings from Mapnik.mas and tweak them a bit.
      Display names of footways and tracks.
      Show more names of features in MapnikPlus.mas. Port over some font 
settings from MapnikPlus.mas to Mapnik.mas.
      Text for more features.
      Point to new tiles URL for the cycle map.
      Display names of peaks.
      Sort tags in MapnikPlus.mas. Render note=FIXME properly, display house 
numbers, highway/railway=construction and highway=road/path.
      Nicer sizes for house numbers. They do not render right now though, see 
      Make park and water be of new type area.
      Render some more areas with a label. Handle area=yes, with the style of a 
pedestrian highway which seems to fit most cases.
      Make cycleways thinner.
      New style displaying the maxspeed tag in different colors.
      Add style Maxspeed to resources. Also display service roads with a width.
      Add style Maxspeed to resources. Now really.
      Add halo to labels.
      A style that displays the lit tag on ways (both explicitly set to true 
and false).
      Also display maxheight, maxwidth, maxweight and maxlength.
      Ship Lighting.mas as a resource.
      Add halo to most element labels (except the bigger drawn highways and 
areas) so that they are more visible when using background images.
      Display all buildings in color.
      Halos for areas; follow current Mapnik more closely in general.
      Reduce thickness of power lines.
      Make name of pharmacy smaller.
      Make house numbers visible also in lower zooms.
      Revert accidentally committed style definition for playgrounds.
      Pull in the classic.small icons from external repository path, use some 
of them in MapnikPlus.mas.
      Adapt colors to
      Bigger names for peaks in lower zooms.
      Add NPE map to TMS servers.
      Render natural cliff.
      Set dark background for this style.
      Pre-define the Oberpfalz (Germany) WMS server.
      Switch to new NPE tiles. Fix possible zoom levels also for cycle map.
      Differentiate tracks, footways and paths a bit from streets as suggested 
to me by user E-Malte.
      Make boundaries non-dashed since long dashed ways make Merkaartor slow.
      Add missing line continuations. Fixes #1610.

dantje (44):
      [ADD] Open/Import multiple files
      ADD : Make URL in about window selectable (by Max Vasilev)
      FIX : Update undo button state after upload
      FIX : German translation
      FIX : Start new road from selected node
      FIX : Dirty objects counter nitpicking
      FIX : memory leak found by valgrind
      FIX : Segfaults in destructors
      ADD : Arrow keys move the map (by Rainer Keller)
      FIX : Reorder init list to silence compiler warning
      Merge branch 'splitRoad'
      ADD : Save position of last edit session on exit
      FIX : close missing xml tag
      FIX: Typo and compile warnings
      FIX : Use definition of pi from math.h
      ADD : Calculate distance between coordinates
      ADD : Display distance in CreateSingleWay
      ADD : Show length of selected way in info dock
      FIX : Clip track segments on viewport
      FIX: Refactored updateStaticBuffer()
      FIX : Handle relative paths when loading files
      FIX : Handle relative paths when loading files
      FIX : Handle relative paths when loading files
      ADD : Import elevation and speed from GPX files
      ADD : Encode speed and slope in track segments
      FIX : Show tracksegment even if it only intersects the viewport
      FIX : Improve and refactor track segment drawing
      Updated changelog
      [ADD] Basic support for waypoints/logpoints from gpx files
      [FIX] Prefs overwrote the current app dir, breaking relative paths
      FIX : Tags containing ampersand (see #1036)
      ADD : display layer name in node info
      FIX : Remove some compile warnings
      ADD : Raw tracks from OSM are split if trkpts are >100m apart
      FIX : Verify that selection is in a layer before access (#1250)
      FIX : Compile warning
      FIX : Allow special characters in username and password
      FIX : Recent open/import behaviour (fixes #1244)
      FIX : Zooming on F3 and shift-right-button lead to broken interaction
      FIX : Russian translation up to date (
      FIX : Handle plural forms better in DirtyDock (by deejay1)
      Fixed case typo
      FIX : Disable search button during the namefinder request
      FIX : Honor ProxyUse pref when setting up QNetworkProxy

deejay1 (36):
      First take at the Polish translation. Mostly error messages left.
      Re-enable Polish language choice in Preferences.
      FIX: Pass arguments to recently changed translatable strings.
      FIX: If TRANSDIR_SYSTEM isn't set use QLibraryInfo::TranslationsPath. 
(closes #1358)
      Updated CHANGELOG
      ADD : Add Name Finder service to "Go to" dialog.
      Small update to the Polish translation.
      FIX : Take all available space in NameFinder widget
      Hide useless vertical header in NameFinder widget.
      FIX : Connection error reporting in name finder service. (sponsored by 
today's power outage;)
      Minor update to Polish translation.
      FIX : Change URL in about dialog to
      FIX : Use zoom level specified in the query result.
      Some minor translation updates.
      FIX : The API doesn't like some zoom levels return from the name finder 
service, so fall back to a default in that case.
      Small cleanup.
      * ADD : Polish translation of the tag template.
      FIX : Revert [12032] as it was wrong (THX to Daniel van Gerpen 
<>) and fix DownloadOSM.cpp.
      Minor update to the Polish translation.
      Updated translation.
      Another small update to the translation.
      Small (very) update.
      FIX : Declutter - move translations to a seperate directory.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Remove unnecessary files (I thought svn mv should do the trick but it 
      Corrected evil typo...
      Set property for ReviewBoard URL
      FIX : Add missing tr() calls in render dialogs.
      FIX : Fix a compiler warning near line 158.
      Updated CHANGELOG a bit.
      FIX : Implement dynamic UI translation (fixes #1432)
      Fix commit mischiev.
      FIX : Remove obsolete QtStyles.pri include.
      FIX : Correctly handle plural forms in MapLayer information

devrise (1):
      Added initial polish translation.

frederik (1):
      seemed to miss NGT references?

imi (1):
      added hint to ubuntu package g++ (which isn't installed by default)

joerg (6):
      Do a distclean before compiling in order to not mix up with old 
      debian/rules: Reflect build change to get the binary for package building 
from the right place again. Get binary from binaries/debug/bin/merkaartor
      Add some missing build dependencies ... libexiv2-dev, libshp-dev, 
      Add option parsing to allow DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='parallel=4' which triggers 
'make -j4'; only do clean if debuild clean is called
      The resulting binary moved again ....
      No Data Directory found, so I uncommented this Line

koying (462):
      Add autocompletion to tag entry. The tag list is based upon what is 
loaded in the current document.
      Add support for Yahoo maps backgrounds.
      ADD : centralized preferences dialog (by Chris Browet)
      ADD : support for OSM backgrounds
      ADD : export OSM files
      FIX : enhance somewhat visibility of selected items
      ADD : search on name/tags
      FIX: forgot to remove from .pri
      FIX : behind-the-scene rework of layers code
      ADD : import NMEA logs (crude)
      FIX: Track segment drawing optimisation (problem with invalid track 
      ADD : Export only viewport to OSM
      ADD : Export viewport to OSM
      FIX : warn when OSM userid/password not set (closes #731)
      ADD : navigation: view -> bookmark + add/remove
      ADD : "created_by" to new feature (closes #729)
      FIX : Remove compile warnings and c-style casts (closes #728)
      FIX : Layer widgets management
      ADD : Allow overwriting bookmarks (fixes #763)
      FIX : compilation on win32-mingw
      FIX : menu shortcuts (by streetmap) (fixes #736)
      ADD : configurable zoom factors (only for "None" background for now)
      ADD : configurable projection type (allow custom zoom in "Merkaartor" 
projection, for background also). fixes #752
      FIX : typo (by ColinMarquardt). fixes #764
      FIX : Accidental commit
      ADD : generalization of Tile servers (OSM is now part of that group). 
fixes #762
      FIX : crash due to [7151]
      FIX : forgot to add TMSPreferencesDialog to svn
      ADD : per-layer transparency. fixes #753
      FIX : right background column not drawn in large resolution (fixes #779)
      FIX : don't force to enter an u/p for download (fixes #783)
      FIX : clipping problem with selected features during resize (fixes #769)
      FIX : Misaligned background after view resize (fixes #787)
      ADD : Initial commit of legal Yahoo background maps (refs #676)
      FIX : don't ignore "width" tags on export
      ADD : merge nodes function (closes #784)
      FIX : yahoo compilation on linux/QT 4.3
      FIX : if a feature contains a node more than once, if the node is 
deleted, only the first occurence is removed (fixes #798)
      FIX : Apply button in Preferences now updates the main window immediately 
(fixes #803)
      ADD : Merkaartor document (*.mdc). fixes #768.
      ADD : french translation
      ADD : delete layer command (not undo-able)
      ADD : per-layer "zoom-all" (closes #814)
      FIX : some more tweaks to background maps. Hopefully fixes #787.
      ADD : "Download more" command. Adds to last download layer (closes #788)
      ADD : link to working webkit - part 1 - .pro (refs #676)
      ADD : link to working webkit - part 2 - actual link (refs #676)
      FIX : force UTF-8 during xml export
      ADD : different colors for focus and hover (closes #842)
      FIX : bug in re-importing cascading deletes history from document
      ADD : Information dock (closes #675)
      FIX : keyboard modifiers: ctrl-click toggle; shift-click add; 
ctrl-add-click prevents road selection; shift-drag selects features which 
intersects (closes #801)
      ADD : support for OSM links in download dialog (Refs #812) (by Timo S.)
      FIX: French translation update
      FIX: Make "Extract Drawing Layer" a bit more useful by removing a bunch 
of trackpoints from the track
      FIX : Tags undo was pretty much broken (closes #949)
      FIX : Bookmark created from "Download from web" immediately added to 
bookmarks menu (closes #869)
      FIX : History window now displays UTF8 (fixes #945)
      Beware! This one is big and probably bugged. It just became too big to be 
test manageable on my own. Please test and report bugs.
      FIX : when cascade removing, not all children are deleted if they are 
present multiple times + avoid having twice the same node contiguous in the a 
      FIX : reinstate the possibility to delete layers
      FIX : tweak the NMEA import + don't add extracts to the history
      ADD : "View downloaded area": "dot" the areas not downloaded from OSM 
during the current session
      ADD : Framework for a 2-phases upload; modified features from specified 
layer will only be uploaded
      ADD : when deleting roads, ask if nodes should be deleted also
      ADD : Proxy support to SlippyMapWidget + change the kind of download only 
when interacting with the slippy map
      FIX : only delete roads nodes exclusively attached to the deleted road
      * ADD : clipboard-copy-paste support (Tags only for now). Clipboard 
format is xml OSM.
      FIX : segfault when creating "manual" relations
      FIX : Selecting a feature in the properties dock did not update the Info 
dock (fixes #985)
      FIX : Bug with node merge (fixed #984)
      ADD : Style tag selector by type (e.g "Type is TrackPoint") and presence 
of tags (e.g. "HasTags"). Allows: 1) To show a generic icon for POI; 2) To 
display an icon for "lost" points with no roads nor tags.
      FIX : problem with map adapters having limited zoom range (e.g. Maplint 
      FIX : pixmap from background images were not freed, leading to ever 
growing memory consumption
      FIX : Also update browserimagemanager
      FIX : speed optimization
      ADD : Implementation of a binary OSM file format targeted to mobile 
devices (*.osb); so far, is ~3x smaller and loads ~5x faster; format subject to 
changes and documentation
      ADD : "not", "true", "false", "[Default]" keywords to the Tag Selector; 
"[Default]" specifies the style for features not having a specific (i.e. 
non-default) style selected. Together with "Type Is", allows for "bug-fixing" 
styles "a la Maplint" (closes #988)
      FIX : allow punctuation in tag selector (fixes #987)
      FIX : mental note: test before committing!
      ADD :  special value "_NULL_" to TagSelector; matches non-existent or 
empty tag
      ADD : Remember last custom style anyway
      FIX : Crash when switching styles (fixes #896)
      FIX : "Dynamically" display all built-in styles in the preferences dialog 
rather than pre-defined ones
      FIX : Memory leak with "Show downloaded areas"
      FIX : Segfault when splitting a way at two nodes (fixes #993)
      FIX : do not apply style to "empty" points in a Track layer
      ADD : context menu functionality to the map
      FIX : Add background images loaded from disk cache to the QPixmap cache
      ADD : ability to commit features from non-uplodable layers to the dirty 
layer, i.e. make them uploadable (closes #748)
      FIX : NMEA import: don't assume GSA sentence is present in the log
      ADD : non-uplodable tags; tags with key beginnig and ending with an 
underscore ("_") won't be uploaded
      FIX : Reimplement waypoints using non-uploadable tags rather than a 
separate class (allow styling)
      FIX : Add a preference option to disable styling for Track layers + 
re-inject default waypoint painting from dantje
      FIX : Allow deletion of a node from a track without deleting the whole 
      FIX : Save also the redo history in a MDC document
      FIX : Qt slows to a crawl when drawing lines offscreen to a large virtual 
canvas, clipping enabled or not (Qt bug?). Try to otimize roads/track segments 
drawing to cope with this.
      ADD : Shift-Right button to drag-zoom
      ADD : Export to GPX + proper waypoint saving in MDC documents
      FIX : forgot to commit new source files
      ADD : Export to KML
      FIX : minor fixes
      FIX : drawing optimization
      FIX : various minor fixes
      FIX : Reset document name/filename after "New"
      FIX : properly manage modifid trackpoints from track layers (fixes #933; 
fixes #934)
      FIX : Drawing optimizations
      FIX : more painting optimization
      FIX : interesting performance gain when using background image map
      FIX : shift-left-dragging only selects the features actually intersecting 
the drag box
      FIX : predefined order of deletion upload (fixes #1032)
      FIX : reset menu status after "New" (Ref #1028)
      FIX : Feature iterators became invalid after a modification on a download 
layer (refs #1035)
      FIX : update INSTALL document
      FIX : Adding a node to an extracted road must keep the road  in extracted
      FIX : replace double quote by &quot; in tags (fixes #1036)
      FIX : updated French translation
      FIX : bounding box not properly set in OSM export
      FIX : Set auto-extract track to false by default
      FIX : temporary fix for conflict management. Will need more thinking... 
(fixes #1037, #1041)
      FIX : be consistent regarding handling of timestamps
      FIX : don't even try to upload a DELETE command if the feature does not 
have an OSM id
      FIX : crash when splitting closed road. Functionality to reveiew after 
0.11 (Refs #1063)
      FIX : typo in the CZ add to
      ADD : translations to windows package
      FIX : removed POI icon from Classic and Mapnick, kept in MapnickPlus. The 
question mark (i.e. lost point) remains.
      FIX : rounding errors with Yahoo! image adapter
      ADD : Render to SVG via Osmarender (requires libxml2/libxslt; inkscape 
required to generate bitmap). Closes #694
      FIX : Some leftovers from previous commit
      FIX : some more leftovers
      FIX : 412 when uploading joined/splitted roads (0.12)
      FIX : typo + optimization
      ADD : switch to integer internal coordinates. Coordinates now vary from 
-INT_MAX to +INT_MAX rather than -M_PI / +M_PI
      FIX : compile error on some systems
      FIX : temporarly force names color to black
      ADD : names rendering in styles
      FIX : another try at solving the 
"long-ways-at-high-zoom-makes-Merkaartor-unusable" problem (closes #1110)
      ADD : "Duplicate", "Apply", "Up", "Down" functionality to the style 
editor (closes #756)
      ADD : menu option to show/hide scale (closes #913)
      FIX: remove svn:executable bit
      ADD : Create one layer per track during GPX import (Refs #1054)
      ADD : menu option to show/hide a selectable relation bounding box (Refs 
      ADD : continue road if selected node belongs to only 1 road and is at one 
end (Fixes #935)
      FIX : manage road conflicts from downloads (Closes #1117)
      ADD : tab filtering and color code to Layer dock
      FIX : alpha not properly restored from MDC for default layers
      FIX : compile error + warnings under Linux
      ADD : scalable POI icons in styles (Closes #1119)
      FIX : speedup + draw track segments and relation boxes in the front
      FIX : bug-fixes + adaptations for mobile
      FIX : Handle "NotYetDownloaded" for Relations (closes #1120)
      FIX : properly detect if roads are breakable/joinable and update menus 
      ADD : GPS stuff (marker, record NMEA log)
      ADD : GPS record to track layer (+ pause)
      ADD : MOBILE: replace docks with fullscreen dialogs
      ADD : Check if there are empty roads/relations during a download and 
propose to mark them for deletion
      FIX : compilation error
      FIX : Compilation under Qt 4.3.3
      FIX : update the "created_by" tag at each update, not only add. (Closes 
      ADD : add a MOBILE=1 option to for some mobile tweakings.
      FIX : rendering performance tweaks
      ADD : revised OSB format. Allows to use large map files directly from 
disk with low memory footprint.
      ADD : Support for GeoTagged images. qmake GEOIMAGE=1 to activate. 
requires exiv2 (by Timo Schl├╝├čler)
      FIX : nice panning speedup at low zoom
      FIX : Allow font bigger than road width (fixes #1144)
      FIX : Upload of a modified single GPX track node was not working anymore 
(fixes #1141)
      ADD : Geoimage dock show/hide menu
      FIX : only delete commands (and associated features) when the associated 
commandhistory is destoyed (fixes #1148)
      FIX : problems with deleted features in upload (refs #1138)
      FIX : Joining roads by moving a node from one road on top of another road 
gives incorrect node sequence (Fixes #1149)
      FIX : 'Download more' should work without prior 'Download from web' 
(Closes #1028)
      FIX : OSM export doesn't handle quotes well (Fixes #1139)
      FIX : modified OSB structure; now is faster :-) but files are larger :-(. 
to be continued...
      FIX : temporary(?) fix for serial GPS
      FIX : OSB: more tweaks
      FIX : make "About" dialog more useful
      FIX : Remove support of internal webkit - Part 1
      FIX : Remove support of internal webkit - Part 2
      ADD : Version 0.13
      FIX : also apply changes from [10654] to 'Unknown' and 'Not specified'
      FIX : Minor fixes
      FIX : replace "[addr:housenumber] is *" by "[addr:housenumber] is not 
_NULL_" in styles
      FIX : OSB + download bug
      FIX : Node gets new name after setting that name for a road (Fixes #1156)
      ADD : SlippyMap remembers last used view
      FIX : redraw bug after sidways scroll (Closes #1165)
      FIX : windows packaging fixes (Closes #1166)
      FIX : invalid synatx for "not _NULL_" (fixes #1181)
      FIX : backport [10762]
      FIX : backport [10792]
      FIX : backport [10794]
      ADD : Move to the next field on enter in properties dock tags - part 2 
(by Travers Carter) (closes #1137)
      FIX : Windows crash when resaving changed scene truncates save file 
(closes #1164)
      FIX : Compile error (fixes #1189)
      FIX : More forgotten new files (Refs #1189)
      FIX : Thanks to Richard for correcting my lack of carefulness (Refs #1189)
      FIX : INSTALL doc
      ADD : OSB Manager - part 2
      ADD : World OSB manager: ability to delete regions
      FIX : Compile problem with Qt 4.4.0 and NOUSEWBKIT=1 (fixes #1202)
      ADD : add support for MTK-based GPSes
      FIX : Changes are discarded after download-more (fixes #1198)
      ADD : add "Area" label option to the style editor (handle road label as 
trackpoints, with anchor at the center of the bounding box)
      FIX : CS translation (by Tomas Mika)
      FIX : track list doesnt reuse space (closes #1214)
      ADD : enhanced Goto dialog (closes #1182)
      FIX : Road label placement off sometimes (closes #1209)
      FIX : crash after undo roundabout (closes #1218)
      ADD : Shortcut editor
      FIX : Make Linux happy
      FIX : compilation on Qt 4.3; automatically disable webkit on Qt < 4.4
      ADD : KML import
      ADD : update info dock on hover
      ADD : import/export to the shortcut editor
      FIX : When needing to enter the password during uploading, the wrong tab 
is highlighted (closes #1234)
      FIX : After coming out of fullscreen, revert to previous state rather 
than showing all docks
      ADD : make max distance between GPX nodes configurable (by Mat)
      FIX : adjust for osmarender reorg
      ADD : "locked selection". Pressing "Tab" enters lock mode. In this mode, 
only the features around last click can be selected. Repeatedly press "Tab" to 
select them in cycle. Quite experimental, so expect problems... (closes #1021, 
closes #858)
      FIX : remove problematic ASSERT
      ADD : Tag Templates (closes #1031)
      ADD : Tag templates support for relations
      FIX : Relations hotspot was off
      ADD : Single mouse button preference (closes #1314)
      FIX : GPS dock coordinates display wrong (fixes #1303)
      FIX : Plural/paucal forms in DownloadOSM.cpp (closes #1306)
      FIX : make features QObject-enabled. Allow guarded pointers (QPointer; 
automatically set to NULL when the pointed object is deleted).
      * ADD : Automatically save/restore bookmarks, TMS servers & WMS servers 
to OSM user preferences (closes #1362)
      FIX : Relation templates: stacked widgets
      ADD : Possibility to add/remove members from Relations (closes #1265)
      ADD : Allow to remove a member from a relation when only 1 feature is 
selected and that the feature has only 1 parent relation
      FIX : if a style was selected for a node but no icon was defined, nothing 
was drawn
      ADD : "View" - "Show directional Arrows" menu. "Never" obviously never 
shows the arrows, "Always" obviously always shows them, even for non-roads. 
"Oneway" is the equivalent of the existing and is the default. (closes #1316)
      FIX : tag values inputed during session not added to auto-completion 
(refs #1373)
      FIX : Selecting elements with Find do not update the menus (closes #1375)
      FIX : add proxy support to NameFinder
      FIX : fixed proxy support for Namefinder + make it work again (closes 
      FIX : mass deletion of features was slow after move to QPointer
      FIX : Ugly way to ensure ways with duplicate consecutive node will not be 
      ADD : Allow canvas background to be set from a style. Background color is 
still overridable in the global preferences. (closes #1333)
      FIX : User preferences API call hard-coded to API0.5 (fixes #1397)
      FIX : Typo (fixes #1397)
      FIX : revert to preferences background when switching style and no 
background is defined in the new style (fixes #1333)
      FIX : basic 0.6 api updates
      FIX : Crash when editing template combo manually
      ADD : Area transparency (fixes #838)
      ADD : "Node" - "Detach" to remove a node from a road. Works the same way 
as "Split"
      FIX : Cache preferences values for quicker access.
      FIX : Add NVIDIA_HACK in Config.pri to (hopefully) help with Nvidia 
slowdowns. (fixes #1448)
      FIX : Make sure areas are rendered before anything else.
      FIX : NVIDIA_HACK: invalidate(true, false) is good enough
      FIX : Remember last selected preferences tab page (not stored over an 
application restart) (by Yves Goergen)
      ADD : Merge multiple nodes when dragging one node onto another (by Yves 
      FIX : Don't snap to the road being moved
      FIX : adapt comments to reality
      FIX : Make "Resolve Relations" work as intended (fixes #1449)
      FIX : Merged "Select-Move" mode tweakings
      FIX : Area surface calculation wrong; replaced by perimeter
      FIX : Do not re-sort features when zooming or when latitude changes.
      FIX : Don't loose selection(s) on "download more" (fixes #1470)
      ADD : Save relative icon filenames in map styles if not builtin (closes 
      FIX : Problem when breaking roads with GEOTAG enabled
      FIX : Allow port number in WMS/TMS server address (fixes #1479)
      ADD : Custom Qt style (skulpture by Christoph Feck) to bypass Qt 
expanding dock problem on linux. Enable via preferences-visual. (fixes #1482)
      FIX : Background images tweakings
      ADD : Single-node splitting of roads even with a connection to the 
extremity of another road (by Yves Goergen) (closes #1419)
      FIX : getDefaultLanguage() returns an invalid value with 2-parts language
      FIX : Russian translation update (by (closes #1416)
      FIX : Missing commit (fixes #1497)
      FIX : Allow disabling "Don't connect GPX nodes separated more than.." by 
setting it to 0. (fixes #1488)
      FIX : Don't allow templates combo to grow depending on content (fixes 
      ADD : Relation member context menu for center and zoom on the properties 
      ADD : Allow to break roads (and areas) with a single node (fixes #1505)
      ADD : Native SVG renderer
      FIX : Messagebox-Cancel after deleting a line did not work (fixes #1392)
      FIX : If one of the translation composant (Qt or Merkaartor) is missing, 
allow the other to be loaded.
      ADD : add Theatre & Arts_centre to MapnickPlus
      FIX : Forgot a commit (fixes #1529)
      FIX : failed compilation with NOWEBKIT=1
      ADD : Initial support for multiple projections via proj4. Enable in 
Config.pri with PROJ=1
      ADD : Readonly layers + Preferences to default track layers to readonly 
(fixes #1460)
      FIX : Bugs when loading MDC history (fixes #1546)
      ADD : Include build of translations during make
      ADD : Preference to enable/disable Shape background (less startup time, 
less memory consumption)
      FIX : Set Shape background disabled by default
      FIX : Don't define TRANSDIR_SYSTEM unless specified in Config.pri
      FIX : Additional corrections from last big commit
      FIX : revert problematic translations commit
      FIX : Translation handling + search app dir first for translations, then 
TRANSDIR_MERKAARTOR (if defined) in all cases
      ADD : Outline coastlines
      ADD : Add a button to the Slippy map allowing to go to the current 
      FIX : Prevent features on readonly layers to be selected by dragging.
      FIX : fix Native Renderer
      ADD : Styles dock + list of styles in "Tools-Styles" for quick style 
switching. As a consequence, a directory must be defined in the preferences 
where all custom styles will be stored.
      FIX : Tweaked windows menu to be "standard"
      FIX : trying to remove warning causes error on 64bits (fixes #1590)
      FIX : Splitted roads not added to Relation (fixes #1586)
      FIX : Painting slowdowns (+ memory consumption) when relations are 
involved (fixes #1528)
      FIX : Rebuilding the road path is necessary in case the road was changed
      FIX : Do not remove incomplete downloaded relation; make them readonly 
and display them in red (temporary)
      ADD : Allow to force the custom Qt style thru Config.pri
      FIX : Yahoo background bug
      FIX : updated windows WIX files
      FIX : Insufficent precision for WMS bbox requests at high zoom (fixes 
      FIX : Handle Undoes while creating single/double roads (fixes #1621)
      FIX : make "Translate standard tags" setting working
      ADD : WIX files for debug version
      FIX : double World OSB when loading document
      FIX : Background images with a too long hash filename were not cached.
      FIX : properly restore viewport on startup
      FIX : In case of a failed "Download more", do not delete layer if it was 
a previously existing one.
      FIX : compile error (fixes #1631)
      FIX : Avert crashes by using guarded pointers
      FIX : Remove the deleted road from parent when joining
      FIX : further upload hardening
      FIX : set pre-reorg constant icons revisions for now
      FIX : Hardening upload process
      FIX : crash on layer close
      FIX : Remove layer from "downloaded areas" on close (fixes #1636)
      FIX : Do not zoom out after a viewport download in background projection 
(fixes #1638)
      FIX : Download opaqueness applied to relations (fixes #1637)
      FIX : various
      FIX : Crash after TMS/WMS server renaming (fixes #1634)
      FIX : compile error
      FIX : another fix for #1638
      FIX : crash when deleting roads
      FIX : Undo doesn't update correctly when creating an area (fixes #1538)
      FIX : Proper dirty objects counting
      FIX : Workaround for a crash with templates on Qt 4.5
      FIX : Clean history when "ajusted" dirty layer size is 0
      FIX : never iterate deleted features
      FIX : crash in style editor
      FIX : show multiple download areas per layer
      FIX : various
      FIX : various
      FIX : static files
      ADD : Initial 0.14
      MOD : Changed directory structure
      FIX : Clear "hover" state when mouse leave the map widget
      FIX : Handle redirection for TMS/WMS servers (fixes #1639)
      ADD : Threaded browser-based background image grabbing. (fixes #1312)
      FIX : Reflect in dirty dock the fact that multiple objects were changed 
together (fixes #1507)
      FIX : Fit the style editor in 1024x600 resolution (fixes #1609)
      FIX : proper handling of the 'Don't connect GPX nodes...' disabling.
      FIX : SHP import
      ADD : Switch to template-based projection handling; remove dependency on 
      FIX : English language warning
      FIX : Reset Config.pri to default (i.e. nothing) (fixes #1659)
      CHG : Preferences lists (Bookmarks, WMS servers, ...) are now distributed 
and saved as XML in ~/.merkaartor. Allow proper merging (fixes #1401)
      CHG : Move vector background from SHP to OSB
      FIX : <Esc> in Name property inspector causes AV (fixes #1672)
      FIX : unix paths
      FIX : compile with GEOIMAGE enabled (fixes #1677)
      FIX : Do not use guarded pointers (too slow) (closes #1674)
      FIX : OSB crash on remove + upload
      ADD : Support for discardable dialogs/messageboxes (fixes #1487)
      FIX : WMS/TMS editors
      FIX : Various
      FIX : Unneeded files
      ADD : Initial support for Symbian S60v5
      FIX : API 0.6 fixes
      FIX : compile error
      FIX : api0.6 fixes
      FIX : api 0.6 fixes
      FIX : 0.13 backports
      FIX : Photo localization patch from Toby Speight
      FIX : Use application-wide proxy (fixes #1763)
      ADD : log file for debugging output
      FIX : import & export JOSM compatible .osm (fixes #1163)
      FIX : force the addition of children of imported features (might solve 
some prerequisites errors)
      ADD : Create road junction function (closes #1661)
      CHG : Changed way to handle WMS. Should allow exotic projections and 
eliminate problems.
      FIX : First node of a new way not connected to existing way after upload 
(fixes #1774; fixes #1780)
      FIX : more WMS tweaks (fixes #1786)
      ADD : Display plain trackpoint description/comment in infodock if found 
(closes #1788)
      FIX : Further WMS improvements
      ADD : WMS Editor: Display user-friendly layers/projection list based on 
      ADD : Basic Rotate function
      FIX : Allow move of multiple selected features
      FIX : compile error (fixes #1819)
      FIX : Never loose selection when ctrl- or shift-clicking (fixes #1793)
      FIX : Create junction sometimes loops indefinitely (fixes #1821)
      ADD : Generic polygons creation (closes #1808)
      ADD : also allow 1:1 scaling with Rotate tool
      FIX : Useable "Create Polygon" UI
      CHG : Use imagemanger for WMS
      FIX : Draw areas like Mapnik in "Mapnik*" styles (closes #1829)
      FIX : Take layer tag into account for drawing priority (fixes #1792)
      FIX : Accidental commit
      ADD : Support for multiple image layers (closes #1400)
      FIX : further image layers tweakings
      ADD : Drag-drop re-ordering of the layers
      FIX : Support projections when importing SHP files
      CHG : Replaced "Commit..." command by "Force Upload". Allows to force 
update of existing features or to upload imported features (such as SHP, KML, 
      FIX : really fix #1793
      FIX : Separate move mode problem
      ADD : Built-in list of epsg projections (from proj4)
      FIX : minor graphical quirks
      FIX : Drawing optimizations
      FIX : nothing shown in release mode
      FIX : Relations were not outlined anymore (fixes #1866)
      FIX : unselectable nodes (fixes #1901)
      ADD : Spatial indexing of features for faster display with large 
downloaded areas.
      FIX : Segfault when pasting Tags
      FIX : forgot to remove some debug asserts
      FIX : Cannot delete nodes/ways any more (fixes #1933)
      ADD : Paste features as a whole (closes #1807)
      ADD : Also export routes in GPX
      FIX : compile error w/o GEOIMAGE (fixes #1962)
      FIX : Downloaded area no longer visible (Closes #1964)
      CHG : Switch to svn version of GGL library
      FIX: Warnings
      FIX: Optimizations
      FIX : Various
      FIX : Labels working again
      ADD:  Allow multi-selection of layers; allow to show/hide or readonly 
several layers at once (closes #1798)
      CHG : Remove support for osmarender (fixes #1966)
      FIX : Renderer fixes
      ADD : Add a case-sensitiveness option to the search + search by ID 
(closes #1509)
      FIX : probably fixes #1972
      FIX : compile error with TRANSDIR_SYSTEM (fixes #1963)
      FIX : Can't see direction of FIXME one-ways in Mapnik style (fixes #1711)
      ADD : Aloow multiple layer close
      ADD : Add a Features dock displaying the features in the current viewport 
(closes #1876)
      ADD : Allow to download incomplete features (i.e. Relations) from the 
Features dock
      FIX : Handle relations name tag in description
      FIX : Layerdock with Qt 4.4.3
      TAG : 0.14-pre1
      ADD : "Add to selection" in features dock contextual menu
      FIX : various
      FIX : Only give status bar warning for missing language and only for 
Merkaartor translations (not Qt)
      FIX : Really hide Roads defined to diasapear at low zoom in the style
      FIX : reindex imports, too (fixes #2020)
      FIX : segfault with previous commit
      FIX : Proxy support
      FIX : Reindex when closing a layer
      ADD : add a LIBDIR qmake param to specify libdir location
      FIX : fixes to previous commit
      FIX : GGL sync
      FIX : Don't fail importing lower-cased filenames
      FIX : Area clipping
      FIX : ggl corrections
      FIX : Crash in release mode
      ADD : allow to block index updates
      CHG : remove api 0.5 option
      FIX : show waypoints again (fixes #2076)
      FIX : Avoid infinite loop with imbricated relations (fixes #2080)
      ADD : Ability to create house numbers 'Karlsruhe' style
      FIX : windows install sources
      FIX : translations + World OSB
      FIX : OSB + GPX color preference + Area detection
      FIX : proper lib destination on 64bits systems
      FIX : XML encode the changeset comments (fixes #2115)
      FIX : Optimize painter/style update
      FIX : invalide painters when tag changes
      FIX : translations + move dashes definition to global
      ADD : merkaartor-0.14-fixes branch

lonelypixel (9):
      Adding new toolbar images' source files (SVN account test)
      ADD : More toolbar buttons and icons for actions
      Updated German translation
      FIX : Rotate action icon and mouse cursor in Oxygen style, rotate tool 
button checked when clicked
      FIX : Removed context help buttons from dialogue title bars on Windows 
(closes #1513)
      FIX : Removed more context help buttons
      FIX : List boxes can be correctly selected with the keyboard (closes 
      FIX : Removed context help button and made GeoImage photo load progress 
dialogue non-resizeable
      ADD : Simple GPX track appearance as new option under Preferences/Visual 
(closes #1453)

nienhueser (2):
      Add #include guards
      Fix the drawing position of the gps position indicator.

patou (21):
      Upadate of the classic style:
      Add nodes->Align Function
      Download dialog : auto radio selection.
      add tag junction=roundabout when creating a new roundabout
      Cosmetic change in Select dialog
      revert on an area doesn't open it anymore. (eg on a roundabout)
      sync predefinedtags.cpp with tag on wiki
      - Fix the way to andle the "moving" mode. See
      Fix : Auto select item in download windows was not seeing when you change 
bookmark by scroling
      Adding some shortcuts for roads and nodes modifications
      Avoid a segmentation fault when you zoom on an empty layer (right click + 
      Correction of a small compilation error
      Fix Segmentation fault when uploading a newly created relation
      add *,? and [] selectors in paintstyle
      More fix with tag and undo.
      adding some documentation in code.
      Italian translation by
      update french translation
      Translatable units (m and km)
      New style for city/village/hamlet
      remove some compiler warnings

richardbrinkman (28):
      FIX: added .mas extention when saving style map (closes #802)
      FIX: Import of ui_SetPositionDialog.h does not seem to be necessary any 
more (closes: #1222)
      FIX: Corrected spelling mistake in MainWindow (closes mail from Matias D 
      Removed some of the memory leaks.
      Removed two compiler warnings.
      Removed some more memory leaks.
      Removed some more compiler warnings.
      Removed last compiler warnings with Q_UNUSED.
      Removed minor compile error.
      Suppress debug messages when NODEBUG=1 is specified.
      Removed memory leak in the skulpture style.
      Removed one more memory leak.
      Commented out some unreachable code.
      FIX : Sort tags list when selecting an object (fixes #1462)
      Removed compiler warning.
      FIX: removed a connection between non-existing signal to a existing slot
      FIX: compile error when USE_GDAL is not used
      FIX: compiler warnings
      FIX: changed URL in INSTALL (fixes #1668)
      FIX: some compiler warnings
      FIX: compile error (fixes #1687)
      FIX: INSTALL (fixes #1750)
      FIX: removed unused parameter warnings
      FIX: two minor compiler warnings
      FIX: removed 3 compiler warnings
      FIX: removed 3 compiler warnings
      FIX: removed some compiler warnings
      FIX: some compiler warnings

schluessler (16):
      FIX : faster loading of images (they are loaded when clicking on the node 
they belong to, not when openening the images)
      FIX : using QUrl to get lon, lat and zoom from osm-link.
      FIX : Simplier calculation of download area coordinates for 
SlippyMapWidget (by Travers Carter)
      FIX : use file timestamp when no exiv header
      FIX : shortcut for GeoImageDock is ctrl+e (not ctrl+i because thats the 
shortcut for infoDock)
      FIX : forgotten tr() in GeoImageDock
      FIX : filenames of geotagged images are now given to Exiv2 lib as 
std::string, not as const char* to allow utf-8 and other encodings -> see bug 
      FIX : If there is only one opened layer, GeoImage uses it automatically 
(without asking the user) (fixes #1450)
      FIX : mouse-wheel usage for zooming in GeoImageDock
      FIX : Readonly layers are asked to be made writeable when loading 
geotagged images to them
      FIX : GeoTagged images are drawn to the full size of GeoImageDock
      FIX : image markers for TrackPoints are now always drawn without using 
      FIX : exif timestamp is now used even when a fixed exif gps position is 
      FIX : crash when no images are loaded and "select next image" / "select 
previous image" is pressed
      FIX : when iterating over loaded geoimages and then selecting other 
nodes, iteration starts at the last selected geoimage-node again.

slankes (2):
      add desktop file following the spec
      fix typo in pro-file for es-translation

steve (2):
      move editors

stoecker (93):
      fixed i18n issues, unified version handling, removed compiler warnings
      fixed i18n error
      added yahoo def
      Fixed and added some translations. Closes #836
      some minor translation stuff
      fixed illegal memory access
      fixed Qt4 slot autoconnect warnings
      fixed preferences
      some more translations
      fixed service highway display
      optimized build
      readded objects directory
      readded objects directory
      fixed crash for invalid map layer type
      added more translations
      added more translations
      some more translations
      added more translations
      fixed time
      better handling of conflicting tags -- same as other editors
      fixed oneway handling patch by Vincent MEURISSE
      updated translations
      added service highway
      style cleanup
      some cleanups in street types
      fixed some valgrind hits
      add QT version to about request
      I feel I can add me to the authors :-) Made the file UTF-8 thus
      added russian translation
      removed warning
      added suburb
      some more translations
      fixed segfault
      updated version from Alessandro Briosi
      allow support of partially broken JavaScript
      some minor fixes
      some more translations
      added cs
      fixed CTRL+U double usage
      fixed typo
      some more translations
      updated italian translation
      fixed shortcut problems
      added translations
      fixed compiling error
      changed default
      removed warnings, cleanup translations a bit
      minor update again
      support for gettext based translations - allows Launchpad support
      first part of template handling
      fixed calls
      checkin nearly finished script, makefile is partly broken
      fixed typo
      updated language, complete now?
      only ts creating is missing now
      finished conversion script
      updated translations
      cleanup and fix po-file reader
      fixed multiline replacements in ts file
      add c-format to .po files, allows more sanity checks
      update translations
      updated translations
      added tar-file creation
      minor fix
      fixed handlin of linefeed
      added missing cs texts from import
      updated translations
      fixed upload script
      updated translations
      updated translations
      minor fix in upload script
      updated some translations. could not do complete update as my lupdate 
does not work anymore
      updated translations
      updated translations
      somehow I forgot to add ja language last time
      fixed typo
      i18n update
      fixed defective strings
      i18n update


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