Quoting Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2015-10-10 15:58:42)
> On 14-09-15 00:23, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 14-09-15 00:07, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2015-09-14 00:00:23)
>>>> Quoting Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2015-09-13 22:09:11)
>>>>> Your debug output doesn't show anything out of the ordinary.
>>>>> So I still have no clue what's different on your system to
>>>>> break josm. Maybe a GPU driver issue that fumbles drawing the
>>>>> new windows.
>>>> My machine is a Lenovo Edge 145 laptop with AMD Radeon HD 8240 
>>>> GPU using the free driver.
>>>> A possible difference - if you tested with both those DEs 
>>>> installed - might be some package dependency missing from josm
>>>> or a java library which gets pulled in by larger DEs and
>>>> therefore often unnoticed.  I use Awesome and mostly GTK-based 
>>>> applications, avoiding both KDE and GNOME as much as I can.  I
>>>> do generally respect recommends, however - attached is the list
>>>> of unsatisfied reverse recommends (too long, as some are
>>>> satisfied by alternative packages).
>> Awesome doesn't appear to be a good choice of DE. I can reproduce
>> the problem with josm under awesome. This issue should probably be 
>> reassigned to awesome, this isn't an issue with josm.
> I've tested this issue with the new JOSM 8800 from experimental, which
> still has this issue.
> Interestingly the 'Download from OSM' window does work, new tiles get
> downloaded when zooming with the scroll wheel and hitting enter
> downloads the area in question, it just doesn't get rendered.
> Jonas, do you think it's worthwhile to reassign this issue to awesome?

Is it perhaps related to bug#508650?  If so (or similar) I find it wrong 
to file it against each specific window managers - perhaps reassing to 
openjdk instead?

 - Jonas

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