Hi Bas,

I still get the same error as in the original bug report for GRASS 6.4.1. when using the Georectifier. Also changing mapset access does not work for me. So I can't confirm that the issue has been fixed in GRASS 7.0.1.

Thanks for the good work in the GIS team!


On 08.11.2015 15:00, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
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Hi Torsti,

We've have GRASS 7 in testing/unstable for some time now, and while the
upstream issue is still open, it seems it has been fixed in GRASS 7.

I can successfully open a GRASS GIS database directory by selecting the
path /home/user/tmp/Työpöytä/grassdata/, selecting the 'spearfish60'
GRASS location, selecting either of the GRASS Mapsets and starting the
GRASS session.

Can you confirm that the issue is fixed in the GRASS 7 packages in

Kind Regards,


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