Hello all,

I have recently joined Eucalyptus (formerly at Canonical) and have been
tasked with packaging the next release Eucalyptus for Debian/Ubuntu.  I
have gone through and identified libraries that we use that are already in
Debian but are outdated. (to your great credit, most of them only slightly)
 I will list them here as a request for update - those who maintain them,
please let me know if you plan to update them in the near future or not. I
understand that many of these libs are deps of other packages and may not
have been updated due to incompatibilities there.  Any info in that regard
would be most helpful as well.

velocity - Currently at 1.6.4; We are using 1.7.
libbcprov-java - Currently at 1.44; We are using 1.46
libhamcrest-java; Currently at 1.1; We are using 1.2
libjgroups-java; Currently at 2.7.0.GA; We are using 2.11.1.Final
libwsdl4j-java; Currently at 1.6.2; We are using 1.6.4
libjboss-marshalling-java; Currently at 1.1.3.GA; We are using 1.2.3.GA
libantlr-java; Currently at 2.7.7; We are using 3.0.1


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