On 12/02/2011 08:44 AM, brian.thoma...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have recently joined Eucalyptus (formerly at Canonical) and have been
> tasked with packaging the next release Eucalyptus for Debian/Ubuntu.  I
> have gone through and identified libraries that we use that are already
> in Debian but are outdated. (to your great credit, most of them only
> slightly)  I will list them here as a request for update - those who
> maintain them, please let me know if you plan to update them in the near
> future or not. I understand that many of these libs are deps of other
> packages and may not have been updated due to incompatibilities there.
>  Any info in that regard would be most helpful as well.
> velocity - Currently at 1.6.4; We are using 1.7.
> libbcprov-java - Currently at 1.44; We are using 1.46
> libhamcrest-java; Currently at 1.1; We are using 1.2
> libjgroups-java; Currently at 2.7.0.GA <http://2.7.0.GA>; We are using
> 2.11.1.Final
> libwsdl4j-java; Currently at 1.6.2; We are using 1.6.4
> libjboss-marshalling-java; Currently at 1.1.3.GA <http://1.1.3.GA>; We
> are using 1.2.3.GA <http://1.2.3.GA>
> libantlr-java; Currently at 2.7.7; We are using 3.0.1
> Thanks!
> -Brian

Hi Brian,

The preferred way of requesting updates is to file a severity wishlist
bug against the packages in need of an update with the desired version.
 That cuts down on duplicate requests and provides a consistent forum
for users and developers to track the progress of these requests.  If
you install the "bts" package on your system and have a reasonably
configured MTA, this can be accomplished quite quickly.  Also, are you
aware of the "antlr3" package in Debian?


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