On Wed, 07 Dec 2011, Vincent Hobeika wrote:
> I confirm this bug for 1:1.0.dfsg2-3. However on 1:0.95.dfsg-11 I was
> able to produce the User Guide.pdf without any problem.

Yes, the build used to work with the old fop.

> I have started a thread on fop users mailing list. We are trying to
> find the defective snippet but it's quite hard due to the heavy file
> size.
> Do you have a diff of the User Guide.fo from where it started to fail 
> building?

Not really, this file is generated from a docbook file with an xslt
stylesheet. It might be that all versions of the file fail with the new

One could try a "git bisect" on a git-svn repository created from
http://svn.fedorahosted.org/svn/publican/trunk/publican/ but I'm not sure
it would lead to something useful.

Why not trying to find the problematic commit in the fop history instead?

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